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Catch "Jigsaw Youth Theatre" in action!

23 February 2015

Jigsaw Youth Theatre Company is an extension of the weekend schools, catering for 16-20 year olds with a keen interest in further developing their skills within the Performing Arts. The Youth Theatre gives young aspiring actors the opportunity to work in a more intense environment, giving them a real taste of what training is like in Professional drama schools for those that wish to pursue this path when they reach 18.

A Spotlight on Jigsaw's General Manager Andy Hutchings...

16 February 2015

We all know Andy Hutchings as the General Manager of Jigsaw Performing Arts, but where did his Jigsaw journey begin? We thought we would throw a spotlight onto his likes and dislikes, past jobs and his career within the musical theatre industry to get an insight into some of his favourite things!