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What makes Jigsaw so unique?

24 August 2015

One of the greatest joys of doing my job is that I get to regularly visit all of our Jigsaw Schools. Yes, the obvious ‘business’ advantage is that I get to make sure that the classes we offer are of a consistently high standard right across the board. However, the most interesting thing about the visits for me is observing just how different all of our Jigsaw Schools are.

A spotlight on Summer School Student Sean!

10 August 2015

Sean is currently attending our Winchmore Hill Summer School at The Highlands School where he working towards a performance of "The Lion King" on Friday afternoon. He also attends our weekend school at Winchmore Hill and has done for the past 8 years. We decided to interview Sean with some quick fire questions to find out a little about his week so far and to see what he loves most about Summer School!

Back To School!

17 August 2015

Keeping your children fit, entertained and healthy September’s almost here again and along with frosty mornings and expensive school shoes come a whole range of exciting possibilities and new beginnings…

Spotlight on Jigsaw student of 12 years...Rachel!

03 August 2015

Rachel started Jigsaw when she was 6 years old and found herself hooked from the very start! She is now 18 and has progressed from being a Jigsaw student to being a part of the Jigsaw Youth Theatre and she now assists our 3-4's class in Bexleyheath. Rachel first started Jigsaw because her mum knew her hyper energy and imagination needed to be channelled and Jigsaw seemed like the perfect option for this! Here is our interview with Rachel to find out more about her Jigsaw Journey….