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Why Jigsaw? A parents tale

12 October 2015

The competition for our children’s free time is ferocious. Tennis, ballet, French club- even Cordon Bleu cookery classes- they can do it all. And believe me, my kids did. They tried everything, at least once, and as they discarded one activity after another, my bank balance shrank, the pile of unused trombones, football boots and hard hats grew and I began to consider cartoons and computer games perfectly suitable (and cheap) entertainment. So when my eldest daughter asked to join a Jigsaw performing arts class held in a local school, I was reluctant to say the least. Three hours every Saturday seemed like a huge commitment- for both of us, and Polly- a shy, timid 11 year old- had never shown any great desire to tread the boards – what on earth could she possibly get out of it?

Our top 10 Autumn Activities

19 October 2015

Autumn is certainly a season of change. As we make the rather gloomy transition from Summer into Winter we notice that the arrival of night time becomes much earlier and of course the temperature drops considerably. We see the leaves start to change colour and fall off trees, the birds migrate south and animals start to think about hibernation! How does this affect us? We get out our gloves, scarves and hats on to wrap up warm and head for the indoors as much as possible. But how can we keep children occupied? Here are our top 10 autumn activities to help make the most of this time of year.

Spotlight on Jigsaw Watford siblings Krisha and Riyan!

05 October 2015

Jigsaw Watford is one of our newest Jigsaw Schools that opened in September 2015 as part of our 20th Anniversary celebrations. We have had a very exciting term so far bringing the Jigsaw experience to Watford and we are now very busy working towards our end of term presentations for family and friends. It has been fantastic seeing so many new faces enter our doors in our 3-4's, 5-6's and main school classes. We have new friendships forming, confidence levels building and if you walk around the school on a Saturday morning there is a buzz of music and singing from our class rooms! During rehearsals on Saturday I caught up with two of our lovely and talented siblings Krisha and Riyan in our main school find out about their Jigsaw experience so far...