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A Spotlight on Jigsaw St Albans Student Tom!

23 November 2015

Jacqui and Simon opened Jigsaw St Albans in October and it's hard to believe they are now approaching the end of their very first term. It has flown by! We thought we would catch up with scholarship student Tom to see what he enjoys most about Jigsaw so far and to find out what his ambitions for the future are.

Spotlight On Jigsaw Teacher Shannen

09 November 2015

Shannen has been teaching dance and Performing Arts for Jigsaw for just over a year now in Broxbourne. She has recently joined the teaching team in Jigsaw Ware and they are currently working on their show "Funny going's on in Gloobury mansions". Here is a little insight into Shannen's Performing Arts background and why she finds teaching so rewarding…

Jigsaw Arts Management - Agency audition tips!

19 November 2015

It’s an exciting time for the Jigsaw Agency as we approach the deadline to renew children on our books for another year and welcome those that are joining us for the first time! Here are some audition tips...

The Working Mum

02 November 2015

Nicola Lander, founder of Jigsaw Performing Arts Schools talks about life as a working Mum! Having completed the kids’ morning routine….up, wash, dress, breakfast, teeth, shoes, shoes, SHOES!!.... you know the drill mums, I walk my boys to school and then continue on to my office. This is one of the positives of running your own business. You get to decide your own schedule that fits in with your family. I don’t pick them up from school every day but I always make all of the important school events, Christmas play, sports day and sometimes accompany my children on the school trips.