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Review: Snow Child, Jacksons Lane

24 February 2016

Last week, Jigsaw Arts student Martha Biddulph received two tickets to see tutti frutti’s fantastic production of The Snow Child at Jacksons Lane, London. Five-year-old Martha was then given the chance to write a review for publication on our blog.

A Review: The Gruffalo's Child, Croydon

03 February 2016

Last month Jigsaw Arts ran a competition at our Croydon school whereby one lucky student from our 5-6 class would have the chance to win two tickets to see Tall Stories’ production of The Gruffalo’s Child at The Ashcroft Theatre, and then write a review for publication on our blog. That lucky winner was Anoushka Pathak! Anoushka saw The Gruffalo’s Child with her father last weekend, and here are her thoughts on the show:

“This Time Last Year”: A Franchisee’s Story

10 February 2016

This time last year I felt more empowered than ever to make sure I was on the way to a successful and fulfilling career. I had been teaching for Jigsaw and other Performing Arts companies for some time and whilst I enjoyed it, and still do, I was well aware that it was time to push myself and see how much I could start achieving by setting new career goals. My strengths are that I love challenges, I'm incredibly ambitious and when I set my mind to achieve something I will do whatever it takes to make it a success.