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10 Creative Self-Care Activities

10 Creative Self-Care Activities

Here we are, in 2021, back in a lockdown that everyone hoped we wouldn’t have to contend with. Whilst we are all keeping safe at home, it is important to remember to promote positive mental health and ways in which to keep ourselves and our children positive. It has been a year that has brought stress, anxieties and uncertainty for everybody and it is easy to forget the impact this has on our little ones.

Self-care has grown in both popularity and awareness over the last few years and is a brilliant way to help develop positive habits to help us process any challenges we may face. It has never been more important to help embed this in our children’s lives, giving them the tools to build up their wellbeing and a healthy self-esteem.

We have listed some of our favourite creative self-care activities you could try at home!

1. Have a dance party

Grab the glow sticks, get some music on and have a good old boogie round the kitchen

2. Go on a family bike ride / family walk

Wrap up warm and get moving together outside

3. Draw

Grab a pen and paper and have a go at drawing each other

4. Make each other laugh

Host a comedy night… who can get the most laughs with their knock knock jokes?

5. Bake some treats

Bake something yummy and spend the afternoon eating your treats

6. Build a fort

Pick a room, find as many blankets as possible and make yourself a fort. Maybe finish off snuggled in your new den with a hot chocolate

7. Journal

Find a diary and take the time each day to write one sentence

8. Acts of Kindness

Do something kind for a friend or family member

9. Sing your heart out
Put on your favourite music or film and sing-a-long

10. Do a Jigsaw at home video

Revisit our catalogue of Jigsaw At Home Videos, let your inhibitions go and boogie around that living room!