Top 5 Techniques for Learning Lines

Learning lines can be tricky at times, but with plenty of patience and the right techniques, it is definitely something that we are all capable of mastering. So with Spring shows across Britain now well into rehearsals and with the new term underway at Jigsaw Arts, here at Head Office, we put our heads together […]

Reflecting on 2015 and a Look Ahead to 2016

By Daniel Jenkins With Christmas well and truly over and the New Year now underway, here at Jigsaw Arts we’ve had time to take stock and look back at 2015 – and what an exciting 12 months they’ve been… In 2015 we celebrated our 20th birthday; 20 years of Jigsaw! We can’t quite believe how […]

Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Welcome to Jigsaw’s Christmas gift guide for 2018! With only 10 days to go until Christmas day, the biggest toy sellers and industry experts have announced their top toy predictions for 2015! No surprises that favourites like Frozen, Lego, Thunderbirds and Star Wars are on the list, along with new technology, vehicle playsets and Pie […]

Spotlight on Jigsaw teacher Liam

Liam is our superb 5-6’s Performing Arts and drama teacher in both Broxbourne and Ware. He is approaching his one year Jigsaw teaching anniversary with us, so we thought we would catch up with him to find out what he enjoys most! He is currently rehearsing our Broxbourne students for their end of term Jigsaw […]

A Spotlight on Jigsaw St Albans Student Tom!

Jacqui and Simon opened Jigsaw St Albans in October and it’s hard to believe they are now approaching the end of their very first term. It has flown by! We thought we would catch up with scholarship student Tom to see what he enjoys most about Jigsaw so far and to find out what his […]

Audition Tips from Jigsaw Arts Management!

Jigsaw Agency’s audition tips It’s an exciting time for the Jigsaw Agency as we approach the deadline to renew children on our books for another year and welcome those that are joining us for the first time. Those that are on the agency will know that ‘Spotlight’ is the online CV every child has with […]

Spotlight On Jigsaw Teacher Shannen

Shannen has been teaching dance and Performing Arts for Jigsaw for just over a year now in Broxbourne. Shannen has recently joined the teaching team in Jigsaw Ware and they are currently working on their show “Funny Goings On in Gloobury Mansions”. Here is a little insight into Shannen’s Performing Arts background and why she […]

The Working Mum

Jigsaw founder Nicola describes how she balances work and family as a working mum.  Having completed the kids’ morning routine – up, wash, dress, breakfast, teeth, shoes, shoes, SHOES!!…. you know the drill, mums – I walk my boys to school and then continue on to my office. This is one of the positives of […]

Where are they now? A note from Nicola

Founder, Nicola Lander, shares with us her greatest joy of running Jigsaw Performing Arts Schools. Read our previous Where are they now? blog posts here: part one, part two, and part three.  Where are they now?  Tahra Powell, ex Jigsaw Crouch End student, is sat in the office next door to me working away to […]

Top 10 Autumn Activities

Autumn is certainly a season of change. As we make the rather gloomy transition from Summer into Winter we notice that the arrival of night time becomes much earlier and of course the temperature drops considerably. We see the leaves start to change colour and fall off trees, the birds migrate south and animals start […]

Why Jigsaw? A parent’s tale

The competition for our children’s free time is ferocious. Tennis, ballet, French club – even Cordon Bleu cookery classes – they can do it all. And believe me, my kids did. They tried everything, at least once, and as they discarded one activity after another my bank balance shrank, the pile of unused trombones, football […]

Spotlight on Jigsaw Watford siblings Krisha and Riyan!

Jigsaw Watford is one of our newest Jigsaw Schools. It opened in September 2015 as part of our 20th Anniversary celebrations. We have had a very exciting term so far bringing the Jigsaw experience to Watford and we are now very busy working towards our end of term presentations for family and friends. It has […]