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If not from your personal investment, many high street banks look favourably on loaning to those interested in investing in a franchise due to the high success rate, compared to start-up businesses.  Jigsaw will put you in touch with these banks to discuss funding options.      
Jigsaw understands that people’s circumstances change, and we will always be on hand to discuss your exit from the business and to ensure that this is done in an orderly manner.
From your training week to your launch day and beyond, Jigsaw will guide you through all aspects of your business.  A dedicated head office team is always on hand for phone and email support as well as regular face to face meetings and school visits.
Our online booking and payment system make it very easy for you to account for your business and most accountants will find the information very simple to translate in order for you to do your end of year accounts.
Once your school has launched, we have created systems that make the actual time you spend on your business minimal.  Being a Jigsaw franchisee requires your energy and thinking time but the actual time physically working, will amount to no more than one working day a week.
As with all businesses the amount of work you put in will normally translate to financial success.  Our franchisees have the potential to be making profit from their Jigsaw schools by the end of their first year, and some more experienced franchisees can earn a full-time wage from one school.  When we meet with you, we will show you the earning potential of running your own Jigsaw school.  
We have a variety of areas available for you to run your school in.  When you meet with us, we will discuss these options and check if the area you would like to run your business is available.  
Having a passion or interest in the performing arts would be useful but you do not need any personal experience.
No, Jigsaw will train you in all aspects of running your business and will meet with you to discuss your business planning and how best to achieve your goals.  All the administrative tasks needed at Jigsaw are handled by our bespoke online system and are very straight forward.
Jigsaw Arts was founded in 1995 and in those years, we have built up tried and tested systems that we know work and operate easily alongside your school.  This means you can focus on delivering excellent classes and customer service.  All the mistakes and costs in starting a new business have already been handled meaning your chances of success are greatly increased.  Running a business can be lonely and being a franchisee means you have support from a dedicated head office team to guide you every step of the way!