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Filmmaking at Jigsaw Brentwood!

Filmmaking at Jigsaw Brentwood has been so much fun! This term, our 7+ years students took on the role of filmmakers by devising, writing and shooting a short film with the help of their fantastic teachers.

Jigsaw Brentwood are experiencing their first technique term since opening last September and their 7–18-year-old students who attend on Sunday mornings are having a great time getting stuck into developing different skills and techniques in singing, dance and drama in preparation for their first show term this September.


We caught up with the 7+ years students to discuss their film project!

What have you been working on this term?

Filmmaking at Jigsaw Brentwood! We have been writing our own thriller short film with the help of our teachers Yas and Joe! We have been writing our script and working on developing our characters in class. We have also been looking at locations within the venue to carry out the filming.

What is the film about?

It’s about a group of friends who are telling a ghost story about a girl who goes missing… Though, the twist is that this becomes true, and one of the characters goes missing!

What are your plans for filming? 

We are currently writing our script and in the next few weeks we will start shooting the film!

What have you enjoyed most?

Working as a team while filmmaking! At Jigsaw Brentwood we call ourselves ‘Team’ and it has really helped us work together on this project.


We cannot wait to see Jigsaw Brentwood‘s short film! Keep your eyes peeled on their social media to see the results @jigsawbrentwood!

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