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Grace from Jigsaw Harlow performs for her community!

At Jigsaw, we love nothing more than going to the theatre, whether that be in London’s West End, or our local venues! At Jigsaw Harlow, our nearest venue is the wonderful Harlow Playhouse who are celebrating their 50th anniversary this year! To mark the occasion there have been lots of different events taking place, including the HAT’s 50th anniversary concert and one of our group 3 students Grace, successfully auditioned to be a part of the show. We went along to watch the performance and caught up with her after, to find out all about it!

So Grace, tell us a little more about the anniversary show you were a part of?

It was a performance to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our local theatre, the Harlow Playhouse, and we decided it was going to be two acts. We performed a variety of songs from some of the most popular shows that have been there over the years, as well as songs from some shows we would like to see performed in the next 50 years. We also wanted to celebrate all the different theatre groups that have worked there.

Amazing! How did you feel when it was time to perform?

Well, the opening night was scary, I was really nervous and my mic kept coming off and it was the first time I had ever used a head mic. I had a solo to sing, and I was so nervous because there were so many people, but I just went on and gave it my best! I was also the only child in the show, so it was a bit scary, but after the first night I felt a lot more confident! It was great seeing everyone have a good time and some of my Jigsaw friends even came to support me.

Did you have a favourite moment in the show?

Probably when I got to sing my solo ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’. Once I saw people enjoying the show and looking happy, I felt much more confident to do the rest of the shows. I also taught some of the cast some of our Jigsaw singing warm-ups and tongue twisters like ‘mummy made me mash my m&m’s’ which was fun, we did that a lot!

Fantastic! What was it that made you decide to come to Jigsaw and do you have a favourite subject?

I started off by going to a Jigsaw Summer School because I love performing arts, and I just really liked it, so I decided to join the weekend school and have been there ever since! I would say I really like all the subjects, but I really love drama and to sing!

What would you say you have gained from coming to Jigsaw?

I would say that it actually helped me, when it came to doing the anniversary show, I feel my singing voice has really improved. I also feel like my dancing has really improved. Before I joined Jigsaw, I wasn’t really into dance so much, but now I really enjoy it. In the show we had to do some salsa dancing and the skills I have learnt at Jigsaw helped me to pick up the choreography and I felt more confident on stage. I’ve also made some really great friends!

What are your ambitions for the future?

I’d really like to work with children and do performing arts with them. It would be great to become an actress, but I know it is a difficult career to get in to, so I think even if I was doing that it would be great to teach children alongside. I would love to be a Jigsaw teacher when I am too old to come as a student!

That’s amazing! And who would you say inspires you or motivates you?

I like the band Little Mix and their music and I love Dove Cameron, she has literally been in all my favourite childhood movies like ‘The Descendants’. I also really love watching other wicked villain movies, I don’t know why but I think those roles and movies are really fun!

Well done Grace on a fantastic achievement performing for our local community!

Jigsaw Harlow runs performing arts classes for students from 3-18 years on Sunday mornings at Passmores Academy, CM18 6JH. The Spring term starts on January 16th and a two week trial is available for all new students.