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Jigsaw Students Achieve Distinctions in LAMDA Exams

lamda exams at Jigsaw

LAMDA exams for children

LAMDA exams are specifically designed to develop children and young adults’ communication and presentation skills. Alongside our weekend performing arts schools for children, a handful of Jigsaw Schools offer LAMDA training, and last week students in BroxbourneWatford and Ware-Hertford undertook their LAMDA examinations.

Successful completion of LAMDA exams

Whilst students were no doubt nervous in the build-up, the children taking part did exceptionally well, and every single student passed their LAMDA exam with distinction. This was an incredible achievement, and Jigsaw Watford Manager Katie said:

“All our LAMDA students got distinctions across the board! One Brox, two Ware and the rest Watford. Very proud of them as this is so rare…”

The benefits of LAMDA for children

Now that students have successfully passed these LAMDA exams, all eyes turn to the next set of examinations. LAMDA exams are an excellent way to develop the individual’s articulation and technical skills and complement Jigsaw’s drama, singing and dance classes for children.

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