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Review: The Box of Photographs, Polka Theatre

The Box of Photographs

(Above: Ilanah and Isaiah at Polka Theatre for The Box Of Photographs)

Last weekend, Jigsaw Balham students Ilanah and Isaiah were given the exciting opportunity to review Polka’s new show The Box Of Photographs. Ilanah and Isaiah absolutely loved their trip to the theatre, and here are their extremely well-written reviews:

“I think this has got to be one of my favourite plays that I have ever been to. It really surprised me that just two people could make a brilliant, good quality play that all ages can relate to. One of my favourite parts was that all the walls had things projected onto them and you didn’t need to change the set completely because of the use of powerful word actions and props. The sound effects were impeccable and on point, each photo story brought me off my seat and it felt real to me.

My favourite character was Sumitra because she was brave and rescued all the children even though all the shadows were creeping up on her. My favourite set design was with aunt Maria and the brother and sister because they made a downstairs and an upstairs, I thought that it looked really cool. I loved the costumes because they had just ordinary clothes but used props to change the character.

I would recommend it to a friend around 5 to 12. I enjoyed my time at the theatre and hope to come back again. I would give the play 9 and a half out of 10.”

By Ilanah 


“This is probably one of the best plays that I have watched! It was funny, gripping, top notch acting, fitting sets, great sound effects, nice that there was one main set and one sub set, outstanding stage work, giving Broadway a run for their money and nice that there was only two actors.

The only two bad things were that there was dangerous behaviour (at one point the character had a knife to rescue the children) and a lack of male actors.

My favourite character was Ben because of his kindness. My favourite part was when the box of photographs were found because of the mystery that comes with it. I liked that there was a main set and a sub set. I also liked how the costumes were casual.

I would recommend this to anyone aged from 5 to 8 but is it still enjoyable by older people than this. I had a great time and I will hope to visit this theatre many more times. I would give this a 9.75 out of 10.”

By Isaiah 

The Box Of Photographs is currently running until 15th May. For more information and to book tickets, visit www.polkatheatre.com