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Review: The Party, Jacksons Lane

The Party

(Above: 5-year-old Iris Stephenson at Jacksons Lane for The Party)

It’s been a busy few weeks for our budding reviewers! As part of our new scheme, Jigsaw Reviews, we teamed up with Jacksons Lane and offered 5-year-old Iris Stephenson two tickets to see Nearly There Yet’s production of The Party.

Here are her thoughts on the show:

“The girl with brown hair was my favourite because she did loads of really cool acrobatics. She was amazing. She must have done a lot of gymnastics when she was a little girl!

I also liked that there were so many big boxes that were presents and people jumped out of them.

I liked the Wonder Woman costume because it was cool and the chicken costume because he looked really funny when he started break-dancing.

My favourite moment was when Cameron thought that someone in the audience wanted to eat his cake because it was very funny, and I also loved the ending because he made friends and wasn’t selfish about his birthday any more.

It’s so cool, you HAVE to see it!”

So The Party gets a big thumbs-up from Iris. You can catch the show at Stratford Circus next month.

You can also visit Nearly There Yet’s homepage for further information, and don’t forget to take a look at Jacksons Lane’s website for information on a wide array of shows aimed at children and their families.

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