This is a recent selection of the many reviews from parents that Jigsaw Performing Arts Schools have received over the years. But don’t just take their word for it — find your nearest school in the search at the bottom of the page, and book your two week trial today!

"The teachers are great with all the kids"

“Fabulous school, fabulous teachers, and a brilliant atmosphere. Both our daughters attend the school and love it and can’t wait to go each week.”

– review from Facebook


“My daughter is 3 and her confidence has grown so much since she started at Jigsaw, she absolutely loves going there. The teachers are great with all the kids and very professional, there is a good balance between structure and fun! I can’t wait to see my little one end of term presentation.

– review from Facebook

"They (and you) won’t be disappointed"

“Both my children absolutely love it. The teachers are excellent and really encourage all students to do the best they can. My children’s confidence has increased so much since joining that they have no qualms standing up and presenting at school or performing on a stage. I would certainly recommend anybody considering bringing their child to Jigsaw to give it a try. They (and you) won’t be disappointed.”

– review from Facebook

"These classes transformed my boys!"

“I am just ecstatic with their progress, they have both become more confident, creative and expressive in all that they do. The team, overseen by Katie are super organised and really friendly because it seems like they just love what they do.

My youngest son is on the Autism spectrum and naturally, we were worried he would struggle to integrate plus how Katie and the team would handle his unique behaviour. We had nothing to worry about, he has flourished, at the end of term show, I think he was the most excited child in the class and possibly the most expressive!

My oldest son is a natural entertainer in the home but sometimes gets shy when out with new people, the classes have really helped his nerves and to make him less concerned with the environment and more confident. I know he loves and looks forward to his classes!”

– review from Yell

"He loves it!!"

“My son has been with Jigsaw for the last 6 years and he really enjoys every session. He is learning a lot and it is helping him to grow his confidence. The group is great and he really comes back with a lot of enthusiasm! He loves it!!”

– review from Facebook


“Fantastic school. I have had a child in the 3-4 class and the 5-6 for a term now, both are excited for Sundays to come around. The staff are amazing and friendly, the kids have fun and are constantly singing the songs and warm ups at home. The end of term presentations were great to watch. They do so much in the sessions, my daughter is now looking forward to moving up to the 7+ class next term as she’s been allowed to meet her next teacher and classmates. Would definitely recommend to all.”

– review from Facebook

"Can't recommend it enough"

“My daughter has been attending the Saturday class for a year now, she loves it so I booked her into the holiday club. It was excellent, not just the show which was fabulous, it showcased how much fun the children had during the week. She has been keen to go every day and so full of confidence about what she is doing and the plans for the show. There are a mix of ages and my little girl was one of the youngest but still looked happy and relaxed during the show. So proud of her for how brave and confident she was. Amazing, we will definitely be doing the holiday club again, can’t recommend it enough. Thank you all for a great week.”

– review from Facebook

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