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Spotlight On Anastasia

This week our spotlight shines on Anastasia, a special addition to our Jigsaw Family.


Anastasia first joined Jigsaw as a student when she was 9 years old and attended Jigsaw Hendon for 5 years. When Anastasia decided to focus on acting professionally and explore different Musical Theatre opportunities, she also wanted to stay a part of the Jigsaw Community and started volunteering at Jigsaw Watford to help support Katie and gain experience while working in the field.



Anastasia aged 9 performing in a show at Jigsaw Hendon. “I was thrown in the deep end after joining a couple weeks into show term and I absolutely loved it. As well as this being my first show, it remains my favourite show I ever did at Jigsaw to this day!”


With Anastasia’s positivity, dedication, and skills shown during her volunteer work, she was offered the official assistant job role at both Jigsaw Watford and Jigsaw Hendon, working with the Little Ones and also with the Main School


We caught up with Anastasia to hear about her experience so far…


What made you want to work at Jigsaw?

“Going to Jigsaw as a Student was such a huge part of my life and I wanted it to stay that way.”


Why do you like working at Jigsaw?

“The environment is very welcoming and I love working alongside all the incredible Teachers. The Students are super talented and always work their hardest every class. It was a challenging start, to work with young children and learn to teach what I love to do, but my job is extremely rewarding and I’m very grateful to be able to see the Students improve and grow each week.”


What sparked your passion for The Performing Arts?

“Definitely the Teachers at Jigsaw!! They pushed me to my full potential and I fell in love with Musical Theatre whilst acting, singing and dancing at Jigsaw.”


Have you had a favourite teacher at Jigsaw?

“The singing Teacher at Hendon, Anya!! I actually still have private singing lessons with her now, she has taught me so much and helped me develop vocally in so many ways. My previous dance teachers at Jigsaw Hendon, Nicola and Lydia also really helped me improve in dance. All the teachers that I had have all been extraordinarily talented and I am very lucky to have learnt from them.”


What’s your greatest career achievement so far?

“Probably being accepted onto the HotWheels 2022 cast with the British Youth Music Theatre (BYMT) and performing three insane shows with them!!!”


What’s your ambition for the future?

“A job in The Arts 100%. I’d love to perform in shows on the West End, something in Musical Theatre, or acting on TV or in Films.”


Who inspires you?

“My Family, all of the incredible performers on the HotWheels cast, the girls I dance with, all of my dance and singing teachers, and the Teachers and Students at Jigsaw.”


Anything else you think we should know about you?

“I am very thankful for the team at Jigsaw and everything they’ve done for me. I really appreciate all the support and opportunities that everyone continues to give me. Jigsaw allowed me to explore my love for The Performing Arts and Musical Theatre and because of everyone there I still train in all areas of Performing Arts and Musical Theatre every day.”



Earlier this year, at Jigsaw Watford, Anastasia poses with the group 3s, the dance teacher (Brooke) and drama teacher (Becky). “The Main school at Watford had just performed a wonderful song for their parents and I was extremely proud of them. This was taken on the last week of term before the Easter holidays, everyone was exhausted but very very happy!


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