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Spotlight on Jigsaw Deptford Bridge

Jigsaw Deptford Bridge

(Above: “Two week trials!” Hannah and students at Jigsaw Deptford Bridge celebrate a fantastic first two weeks)

By Hannah Potter

Deptford Bridge launches, offering drama, singing and dance

The grand opening of Jigsaw Deptford Bridge was on 24th September of this year and what an amazing experience it was! The school was full of energy and smiling faces throughout the day!

Jigsaw has played a massive part in my teaching career and the ethos of the company significantly relates with my own; I have now seen first-hand the positive effect that Jigsaw has had on so many of our student’s lives.

Building confidence through the performing arts

I have always believed in the power of the Performing Arts for young people. I believe that it fundamentally supports confidence, social skills, mobility and life skills.

A performing arts school like Jigsaw did not exist when I was growing up, but if it had, it would have been immensely beneficial to both me and the people I grew up with: it would have changed some people’s lives, and this was a massive motivation for why I wanted to open my own school.

Now that our first term is underway, the experience of opening my own school has been exciting, nerve wrecking and a significant learning curve in my life.

A school for the community

I hope that Jigsaw Deptford Bridge becomes a school that the South East London community love, continue to send their children to, and speak highly of. Over time, we intend to expand and grow and offer many more opportunities to our students, inside and outside of our engaging, exciting and fun performing arts classes.

It is through these performing arts classes that we can create their place to belong; a place that they will never forget.

Jigsaw Deptford Bridge takes place at Addey and Stanhope School, 472 New Cross Road, London SE14 6TJ on Saturday mornings. For further information including teaching staff and class times, visit Jigsaw Deptford Bridge. Alternatively, you can follow Jigsaw Deptford Bridge on Twitter @JigsawDeptfordB, and don’t forget to Like our Facebook page.