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Spotlight on… Jigsaw Ealing!

Spotlight on Jigsaw Ealing Jigsaw Performing Arts Schools blog post

The leafy London borough of Ealing has a rich cultural history. The Rolling Stones first played in public at the Ealing Jazz Club. Ealing Studios is one of the oldest film studios in the world, and Dame Judi Dench is the President of Ealing’s The Questors Theatre.

Dani has a lifelong passion for the performing arts and a long history with Jigsaw. Having managed Jigsaw Ealing with great success, she’s now taking over ownership and running of the school, so it’s a perfect time to shine the Jigsaw blog spotlight on her!

What sparked your interest in the performing arts?

From a young age, I can remember my Mum blaring the radio on our RT 80S Toshiba. Whether it was soca, reggae or Johnny Cash, she was always singing, dancing and smiling while she did it. There was never any doubt that music was embedded in my soul – I had no choice, and I’m glad!

As I got older and started paying attention to the music my brother listened to, I was influenced by the sounds of Salt n Pepa and Public Enemy – but then there was a revelation, Fame the television series started, and it changed my world. ‘Remember My Name’ became my life anthem. I would sing and dance and act as if I was one of the cast members. I knew from then that performing was always going to be a part of my life.

What brought you to Jigsaw?

I initially discovered Jigsaw through my band members many moons ago, who were working for Jigsaw at the time. They would describe Jigsaw Arts as a nurturing but professional organisation that not only taught performing arts skills but supported young minds on their journey of self discovery and confidence.

If that was not enough to encourage me to apply for the job as a singing teacher, it was the general ethos of fostering a sense of self-belief in not only the children but also all the adults across their many schools. I can walk into any Jigsaw school and get the same ‘You belong, you are welcome’ feeling.

What’s your favourite show you’ve been part of at Jigsaw?

My favourite show was not actually a show, it was a presentation. My team were so in tune with who our children were, they gave them options of what they wanted to work towards in all three disciplines. It was a term of pupils’ voices. All of the pieces were relevant to each child but also reflected the social environment they lived in. It was a heartfelt performance.

How does it feel to be taking over owning and running Jigsaw Ealing and what can we expect going forward?

Amazing! I feel like I’m in a place to continue to inspire and lead children and adults in our community, whilst having fun and laughter throughout our time together.

Jigsaw Ealing brings professional performing arts education to the community. Our show and presentation terms will be led by industry professionals in singing, dancing and drama for all ages, with the use of lighting and props to bring all their ideas to life.

In addition to this, children will have the opportunity to learn different genres of music, dance and acting on our technique terms. We will continue building imaginations and enabling young people to make new friends with others from our community.

People who attend Jigsaw Ealing will feel welcome and comfortable in the fact that we are teaching the whole child and supporting their journey to becoming confident young adults.

Jigsaw Ealing runs on Saturday mornings at Drayton Manor High School. To enquire or to book your child’s place please contact Dani on 020 8261 7290 or email ealing@jigsaw-arts.co.ukVisit Jigsaw Ealing for more information.

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