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Starting New

Why Choose To Start New?


We can choose to start new at any time. Whether it be starting a new journey in a new field, exploring a new hobby, or perhaps revisiting an old one that we thought we no longer had time for. To start new, it is important to overcome any worries and take the first step.



A Jigsaw Arts 3-4yrs Student taking a step in their Dance Class!


The initial thought of starting new can be daunting for some. However, more often than not, trying out a new job role, hobby, or activity can be beneficial for us in many different ways. When we start new we spark energy within that unlocks hidden potential, vanishes our fears, and expands our minds.


At Jigsaw Arts, it is the start of our Summer Term and we have been overjoyed to welcome lots of new Students and Teachers to the Jigsaw Family. Starting new at Jigsaw is a welcoming experience. Our weekend classes are led by brilliant teachers who gently encourage our students to learn more about themselves and their abilities!


What are some of the benefits of starting new?


Improves brain function while we learn new information.

Meet new friends and boost morale. 

Feel good about yourself and your new skill.

Become involved in a community.


The Jigsaw Ethos highlights the importance of finding your ‘Place To Belong’. We strongly believe in the benefits of our students meeting new friends in a place where they can truly be themselves and express themselves freely.


Each week at Jigsaw we see our students’ skills progress in each subject and their confidence grow as they step out of their comfort zone to try new things. From experimenting with new styles of dance, singing a solo for the first time, or exploring a new character in their drama class, there are lots of opportunities to start new at Jigsaw.


Why not start new and give our interactive performing arts classes a go? We offer a two-week trial to new students so that you can decide if your child has found their place to belong at Jigsaw Arts!


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