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Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Jigsaw Christmas gift guide

Welcome to Jigsaw’s Christmas gift guide for 2018! With only 10 days to go until Christmas day, the biggest toy sellers and industry experts have announced their top toy predictions for 2015! No surprises that favourites like Frozen, Lego, Thunderbirds and Star Wars are on the list, along with new technology, vehicle playsets and Pie Face – a kind of custard-pie game for the 21st century! With all this choice it’s sometimes very difficult to find presents for children that will actually keep them occupied for the rest of the year. However, at Jigsaw we think we may have the solution!

Jigsaw Christmas gift guide 2018
1. Disney Frozen Sing-A-Long Elsa, £39

Oh yes, Frozen is not going to let go of the Christmas hot spot. This year Elsa is singing her heart out – and is ready for the perfect duet – as the clever microphone can recognise who’s singing. Put the mic near Elsa’s mouth to hear her belt out ‘Let It Go’ then take it off her – she’ll stop singing and start playing just the music so your child can do her best solo.

 2. LEGOCityDeepSea Exploration Vessel, £80

This Lego set comes with SO many great bits – from the sub and scuba scooter to the white shark, swordfish and octopus – the detail is amazing. The winch system works to lower the exploratory submarine into the water and you can put your bravest minifigure in the shark cage.

3. Little Live Pets Cleverkeett, £60

Get this – it’s a parrot you can teach to talk, sing, dance and swing on a perch. Just like the real thing – but with a microchip.

4. Star Wars Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle, £100

This highly-detailed Starship has loads of features: the front opens, it has rear and bottom storage bays and spring-loaded shooters. Just for recreating scenes from Star Wars: The Force Awakens though, definitely NOT for firing at little sisters.

5. Thunderbirds – Interactive TracyIsland, £80

The TracyIsland playset still looks very like the toy that famously sold out in the 90s in Christmas frenzy. But the 2015 version boasts smart technology, of course, so the island knows which craft is launching and has 40 action and rescue sounds, plus a wearable communicator.

6. Paw Patroller, £60

Fans of the Nick Jr show Paw Patrol will love this big rescue vehicle. The Paw Patroller comes with Ryder and his ATV vehicle and can hold 3 Paw Patrol vehicles inside or display 6 vehicles when open.

7. Pie Face, £20

Forget Monopoly, this messy game is bound to be a Christmas Day hit. Just put some whipped cream or a wet sponge on the hand and start turning the handles. But be warned – it could go off at any time!

8. Star Wars Bladebuilders Jedi Master Lightsaber, £50

This has to be the ULTIMATE lightsaber. It comes with a main lightsaber with lights and sounds but also has two independently-lit lightdaggers, an expansion hilt, two elbow connectors, a dual connector, and a cross connector. Just make sure they don’t swing it about near anything breakable!

9. Shopkins Food Fair – Scoops Ice Cream Truck, £20

Shopkins collectibles have been a big hit in the States. This playset has two Shopkins characters, a table for them to sit at and two cooler bags, as well as the ice-cream van. And not a microchip in sight.

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