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What makes Jigsaw so unique?

Andy general manager Jigsaw unique

One of the greatest joys of doing my job is that I get to regularly visit all of our Jigsaw Schools. Yes, the obvious ‘business’ advantage is that I get to make sure that the classes we offer are of a consistently high standard right across the board. However, the most interesting thing about the visits for me is observing just how different and unique all of our Jigsaw Schools are.

Each and every student at Jigsaw contributes towards creating an exciting and dynamic atmosphere, and it is very clear that each Jigsaw school has its own identity and personality. It is always difficult to pin point exactly why this is. Perhaps it is down to the manager setting the tone for the school? Yet many of our managers work at more than one Jigsaw School and they will tell you how different their schools are.

I often hear teachers as well saying that they love both schools that they teach at, but they’re so very different. This to me is the beauty of what Jigsaw stands for. We work hard to ensure that Jigsaw is all about the individual and the journey each child experiences. If we just produced the same generic classes, presentations and shows at each school then this would be OK I imagine. However – the focus wouldn’t be on the individual kids. It would just be about churning out some Performing Classes.

It is very clear to me that each manager and teaching team at Jigsaw caters for the specific children they have attending their schools every weekend. This is why I love Jigsaw and it is this that makes my job so varied every weekend. However, somehow with these differences every school remains part of the ‘Jigsaw Gang’ and this very much comes across in our recent 20th Anniversary video. I hope you all had the chance to watch this:

I am looking forward to the new Autumn term starting as I continue to visit all the existing schools and see that our new Franchisees in Watford, Mitcham and St Albans begin their Jigsaw journey with the same success. It will be great to see some familiar faces, as well as meeting and welcoming all of the new students who will soon form part of these schools.

See you all in September!


Jigsaw Arts General Manager

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