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Why Performing Arts? 25 reasons to give it a go!

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Jigsaw celebrated its 25th Birthday this year. We have witnessed, over the last 25 years, the positive impact attending a performing arts school can have on a child’s progress and happiness. It’s not just for the “arty types”, performing arts really does have something for everyone.

In a world that is now dominated by technology and following the recent lockdown there are more reasons than ever to get out and be creative and interact with others. However, we are going to share 25 reasons why drama, dance and singing classes are good for your child:

1. Increase self-esteem and confidence.

2. Make lots of friends!

3. Learn the skills of listening, negotiating and communicating.

4. Expand your cultural awareness.

5. Understand your own emotions and how to express them.

6. Increase your ability to think creatively and imaginatively.

7. Understand others better.  Drama requires you to think about things from somebody else’s perspective.

8. Be braver to try things out. There is no right or wrong in drama.

9. Be a team player. 

10. Speak more clearly and in a more articulate manner. 

11. Improve your memory by memorising script and song words.

12. Learn how to give feedback and take on board feedback when evaluating performances.

13. Through practising improvisation you will learn how to act spontaneously.

14. Be fit and active, particularly I dance but drama and singing can also be active.

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15. Improve your co-ordination in dance.

16. Be introduced to a variety of music styles that you perhaps haven’t heard before.

17. Be an individual.

18. Excel in public speaking and presentations.

19. Make fun of yourself and not take yourself so seriously.

20. Learn discipline, structure and routine in a creative way.

21. Be more curious.

22. Learn to persevere.  When you finally get that dance step you feel magnificent.

23. Learn about rhythm and timing.

24. Gain good spatial awareness through dance.

And finally, just what we all need right now,

25.  Have a good laugh and lots of fun!!

If you haven’t tried performing arts before, Jigsaw offer a two week trial to new students before signing up for the whole term. 90 minute classes for 3-6 years and 3 hours for 7-18 yearsWhy don’t you give it a go?  For more information and to find your nearest venue visit our home page