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A warm welcome awaits! Meet Megan new owner and manager of Jigsaw Barnet!

Megan became the owner of Jigsaw Barnet August this year. She couldn’t wait to start and be introduced to the students as the manager. As the students at Barnet already know Megan from being their singing and Drama teacher, we thought you’d like to know why she made this transition before we start in October.  

What sparked your interest in the performing arts? 

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been performing whether that be on stage or in my bedroom in front of the mirror. It was my happy place! 

What drew you to Jigsaw? 

The ethos of Jigsaw is one that I really resonate with, not only do the students feel like it’s a place to belong but this is definitely a place where I belong too… sharing my passion with the new generations.  

Singing, Dance or Drama… what’s your favourite? 

Drama for sure! Drama is my way to escape and you can become any character you like! I also have a passion for music so I do enjoy singing too!   

Megan Ratcliffe Teaching

What will your Jigsaw school bring to Barnet? 

Jigsaw Barnet has run since 2004 but I hope to really give it a sense of community and let people within the area know what we offer and the benefits of performing arts.  

What does it feel like to be owning and running Jigsaw Barnet and what can we expect in the future? 

It doesn’t feel real at all. It feels like I’m going back to work to teach Drama but in reality, I’m not! It’s scary but knowing the fabulous students and parents already has given me a sense of confidence. I am so excited to welcome everyone back, new and old students to produce some wonderful shows and boost young children’s confidence! I hope to maintain the family feel at Jigsaw and spread that to the wider community.  

What do you hope to inspire in the young people who attend the school? 

I would like all students from ages 3 all the way to 18 to be happy, build confidence and make lifelong friends. Exploring the different disciplines of singing, dance and drama with a care free attitude.  

If you would like to join Megan for some performing arts fun, why not book a two week trial?

Or call Megan on 020 8108 0374! www.jigsaw-arts.co.uk/barnet