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A Review: The Gruffalo’s Child, Croydon

Tall Stories competition The Gruffalo's Child

Last month Jigsaw Arts ran a competition at our Croydon school whereby one lucky student from our 5-6 class would have the chance to win two tickets to see Tall Stories’ production of The Gruffalo’s Child at The Ashcroft Theatre, and then write a review for publication on our blog.

That lucky winner was Anoushka!

Anoushka saw The Gruffalo’s Child with her father last weekend.

Anoushka’s review of The Gruffalo’s Child: 

“It was a really colourful set. The moon looked like the real moon, the lighting was really bright and the forest looked like a natural forest. It was a lovely experience.

“The main characters in the play were The Gruffalo’s Child, The Gruffalo and The Mouse. Other characters in the play were The Snake, The Owl and The Fox.

“The costumes in the play were really bright and colourful. I really liked The Gruffalo’s Child’s Costume because it looked like it was made out of real leaves, making her look like a real Gruffalo.

“My favourite character in the play was The Gruffalo’s Child because she was really brave to go and look out for The Big Bad Mouse even after The Gruffalo said that The Mouse was really scary. I want to be brave like her too.

“The play started off really well, the middle part went a bit slow but the end was fantastic and funny. My favourite moment was towards the end when the Gruffalo’s Child was being chased by the tiny mouse. I really enjoyed how the characters in the play were running on the stage.

I would recommend my friends watch the play because I really liked the set and the story. Also, I liked the songs and the funny ending. My friends would really enjoy the play.”

There you have it: Anoushka’s fantastic review of Tall Stories’ production of The Gruffalo’s Child. The show is currently on a UK Tour and it’s well worth going to see! Be sure to visit the Tall Stories website for show dates/times.

The Gruffalo’s Child also made it into our Top 5 Shows to see in February.

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