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A spotlight on Jigsaw teacher Nicola!

Nicola Jigsaw teacher


Nicola has been teaching for Jigsaw for over a year now and began assisting at our Enfield school. She then went on to teach at Broxbourne and now teaches Performing Arts at Jigsaw Finchley on Sundays. Nicola is originally from Alderley Edge in Cheshire and is currently in her final year at Mountview where she is studying Musical Theatre.

Here is a little insight into Nicola’s Jigsaw experience so far…


What did you do before Jigsaw? Have you had any of jobs that you loved/hated?

I started ballet at the age of 3, I then picked up jazz, modern and tap and contemporary when I was a bit older. I absolutely loved performing so I started singing and drama too. I did lots of competitions, shows and summer schools when I was younger and just never wanted to stop.

I started teaching dancing whilst I was doing my A Levels and started my own choreography camp for people my own age. Apart from all the fun performing arts jobs I also worked as waitress. I dropped several plates and almost got fired! I haven’t returned to that kind of job for a while. I now teach at Jigsaw every weekend and I also get to dress up as Disney Princesses for children’s parties, it’s very fun!


What’s your greatest career achievement?

Getting into drama school was amazing. Being on Nickelodeon’s House of Anubis was also great fun!


What do you enjoy the most at Jigsaw?

Seeing the same lovely smiling faces every Sunday!


What has been your favourite moment at Jigsaw?

I have to admit that Tony’s life lessons in my 3-4s make me giggle!  Also hearing Rihanna talk in class for the first time was brilliant!


What’s your favourite show?

I think Top Hat is a beautiful show. However Wicked will always be my first love of musical theatre.


What would be the most rewarding role or show for you to do?

I would love to play Little Red in Into The Woods, as it’s my favourite Sondheim musical!


Who is your favourite actor/actress? Why?

Olivia Coleman. Every character is filled with detail and complexity.


Do you have a favourite song?

So many! It changes every week. My favourite at the moment is Between The Lines by Sara Baralalis


If you had a film of your life who would play you?

That is a very difficult question so I’ve asked my friend… He says Reese Witherspoon. We will go with that! Haha.


Anything else you think we should know about you?

I chipped my coccyx when I was 10 and couldn’t walk for about 3 months, whoops!


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