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Abbie Shares The Memory Of Her First Day As A Jigsaw Student!

Abbie shares her Jigsaw journey for all students old and new who will start Jigsaw this Autumn.


Ahead of the new term starting this weekend, Manager of Jigsaw Chelmsford Abbie shares her Jigsaw journey and reflects on her first day as a Jigsaw student back when she started at Jigsaw Ilford!


“In 2009, I was fortunate enough to attend Jigsaw Ilford for 2 years as a scholarship student. My first day, like many other students who pass through my Jigsaw school in Chelmsford, I was a little nervous! My mum and dad accompanied me to the front desk where I was met by a friendly manager who marked a tick by my name on the register. They asked another student who had been attending Jigsaw for a while to buddy up with me and show me where to go and I then waved goodbye to my parents before climbing the big brown stairs to the hall where my classes would take place.”


“There I saw a sea of other excited students and a big stage! I was instantly in awe of the wonderful stage; which I would soon perform fantastic show’s on. I couldn’t wait to start my classes and sit with my new group. I joined when I was a teenager so I was in the oldest group, group 3. There were two other groups, group 1 with 7-8 year olds and group 2 with 9-11 year olds.”


“During the 3 hour session at Jigsaw, I attended singing, dance and drama classes for 55 minutes and there was a small break in the middle of the session where I was able to make some new friends. Everyone was so lovely to me and I instantly felt like I was part of the Jigsaw Family. My drama teacher Kellie particularly made me feel really welcome and I adored her lessons.”


“I spent two wonderful years at Jigsaw Ilford, making memories, new friends and fuelling my passion to work in the performing arts industry.”


Abbie performing in a show when she was a student at Jigsaw Ilford.


“9 years later, after my time as a student at Jigsaw, I came full circle and opened my own Jigsaw school in Chelmsford! I wanted to create a place to belong for the young people of Chelmsford– much like Jigsaw Ilford did for me. And I am so happy to be able to see my vision come to life.”


“My advice to all the new and returning students on their first day at Jigsaw is to take a big deep breath when you arrive, leave your worries at the door, and have the most amazing time!”


Jigsaw Chelmsford runs on Saturday Mornings at Moulsham High School. Get in touch to secure your place with Abbie or contact us to learn more about our two-week trial.

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