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Abbie’s Mary Poppins Theatre Review

The Magical Performance of Mary Poppins Blew Jigsaw Chelmsford’s Manager Abbie Away!


On the 6th of August, Abbie from Jigsaw Chelmsford saw the Disney classic Mary Poppins at the Prince Edward Theatre in London. A childhood favourite! Abbie was excited to watch the theatre production and see the transformation of the story from the screen to the stage.



Abbie outside of The Prince Edward Theatre.


Queuing outside, eagerly awaiting the show, were rows of excited children who had dressed for the occasion in wonderful costumes inspired by the film!


The family friendly show welcomed us into the magical world of Mary Poppins through its unique set designs and costumes. They transported audiences to old London, where the beloved characters danced and sang their way through the ever transforming set. 


Mary Poppins did not disappoint with her ‘practically perfect in every way’ performance, all ages were in awe of her! The young performers who played Jane and Michael Banks gave outstanding performances. The cheeky duo looked completely at ease on the big stage while performing to a filled audience. 


The cast had plenty of magical surprises in store, which made this performance so captivating for a younger audience! It is the perfect theatre experience for all ages who love and continue to adore the magical story of Mary Poppins. Be quick to catch the show before Mary packs her magical bag, grabs her umbrella and flies out of the West End at the end of this year! 


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