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Back to school

back to school

September’s almost here again and along with frosty mornings and expensive school shoes come a whole range of exciting possibilities and new beginnings…

The summer is a fantastic time for being a parent. When the British weather behaves, suddenly the possibilities are endless; paddling pools, playing in the park, boat trips, you name it, you can do it. As soon as you’ve slapped on the required 30 dollops of max strength sun block, there’s no stopping you enjoying the pleasures of the great outdoors, safe in the knowledge that your children are working off their excess energy and getting a chance to have a good old fashioned run around.

However, as Autumn rears its ugly head, with darker nights and colder days, we begin to wage the battle once more of keeping our children active and away from computer games and the telly.  But on a wet and miserable weekend, how do we keep our little ones entertained and fit?

Over the last 19 years, Jigsaw Performing Arts has provided a weekend activity for 3-18 year olds that offers a great way for children to exercise, develop poise and build physical strength. Children learn acting, singing and dance technique from teachers who work or have worked professionally in the industry.

There is so much to be gained from performing arts asides from learning the skills themselves. Not only do they develop your child’s creativity and confidence, performing arts classes also promote working as a team whilst encouraging and developing individual talent. The triumph of performing a rehearsed piece on stage encourages children to acknowledge their self worth, recognise their ability to overcome obstacles and value the belief that they can aim high in all that they do.

Whatever you wish for in terms of your child’s future, the one desire that unites us all is to produce a happy, healthy and confident child!

Jigsaw Performing Arts is dedicated to developing performance skills, promoting self-expression and building confidence. We offer performing arts classes for children aged between 3 – 18. Find your nearest school by entering your postcode into the search on our home page