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Battersea performing arts school opens its doors!

Last week, in the bright September sunshine Jigsaw Battersea Performing Arts School opened its doors! Bringing fun and engaging performing arts classes to children aged 3 – 18. Welcoming new families in the local area.

School owner and manager Lauren, Nikki, the founder of Jigsaw Arts, and the Jigsaw Battersea teaching team were so excited to meet the very first families of the new school.

The new students arrived with excitement and enthusiasm, filling the classrooms with a wonderful energy.

The Drama teacher at Jigsaw Battersea, Rosie, commented: “It feels as though the school has been open for years. The children were all so brave and eager to get working on their presentation performance pieces.”

There are three different terms throughout the year at Jigsaw. This term at, Jigsaw Battersea we are working towards performances for the end of term presentation. A ‘Presentation Term’, allows families and friends the opportunity to see the dance, drama and singing material that the children have worked on throughout the term.

Each class will work on a drama, dance and singing piece to perform at the end of the term. Friends and family are invited to watch the end of term presentation, where they will also see a class demonstration. The class demonstration gives the audience an insight of how a Jigsaw session runs. This includes a sneak peek into to the dance, drama and singing warm ups and activities that we teach at Jigsaw, as well as watching the performances.

We are already very excited about the performances and know the children are going to have a lot of fun during the creative process and the presentation performance.

If you have a child between the age of 3-18 and are looking to boost their confidence, develop their communication and performance skills, while making new friends head to our website to find out more: https://www.jigsaw-arts.co.uk/performing-arts-school/battersea

Did you know that we offer a two-week trial to new students? Come along and see if you find your place to belong!