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Spotlight on Lyric-Louise – Jigsaw Ilford student!

Who remembers their first day at Jigsaw? For some of our youngest members they may not remember their first ever session at Jigsaw, but there are some students whose first days we never forget! Lyric-Louise joined Jigsaw Arts Ilford in 2020 when she was just 3 years old. School Manager Megan remembers Lyric’s first day vividly! Lyric was […]

From Student to School Manager – Meet Benjy!

Meet Benjy – Ex-Jigsaw Student and now Jigsaw Finchley School Manager! When did you first join Jigsaw Arts? I first attended a Jigsaw summer school when I was in primary school. I still have fond memories of the shows we put together! I later returned to Jigsaw and joined their weekend classes in Finchley. I […]

Jigsaw Balham & Abstract Kids – Summer Camp 2024!

Get ready to turn your summer into a stage-worthy spectacle because Jigsaw Arts Balham is hosting a Summer Camp this August! Transforming those school holiday blues into a symphony of fun and creativity. This summer, brace yourselves for a performing arts workshop that’s more than just a camp – it’s a show-stopping experience your little […]

Jigsaw Chelmsford – Easter Camp 2024!

Jigsaw Performing Arts Schools Chelmsford are hosting a Jigsaw Easter Camp for children aged 5-16! Hampton’s Leisure Centre Chelmsford 9:00am – 3:30pm Tuesday 2nd April – Thursday 4th April 2024! Learn, rehearse and perform a show to your friends and family! Jigsaw holiday camps are the perfect way to learn new skills in singing, dance […]

Meet Abbie – 3-6 years teacher at Jigsaw Hitchin!

Meet Abbie, the vibrant soul fuelling our 3-6s at Jigsaw Performing Arts Hitchin! Abbie teaches the 3-6 years students on Sunday Mornings at Hitchin Girls School, SG4 9RS! From a young age, Abbie’s world revolved around the dazzling lights of the stage, the infectious beat of music, and the joy of dance. With countless stage […]

Meet Megan: The Drama Queen of Jigsaw Performing Arts Sevenoaks!

Get ready to meet Megan, the drama queen who adds a burst of excitement to Jigsaw Performing Arts Sevenoaks! From her earliest days, Megan was captivated by the magic of performing arts – dancing, singing, and acting her heart out with endless enthusiasm. Megan’s journey started at Rose Bruford College, where she dove headfirst into […]

Running for a Cause – Shaun is taking on the London Marathon!

Running for a Cause: Jigsaw Performing Arts Hitchin and Sevenoaks Manager Shaun is taking on the London Marathon for Children with Cancer UK! As the manager of Jigsaw Arts Hitchin and Jigsaw Arts Sevenoaks, I believe in using our time, effort and skills not only to enrich the lives of children through performing arts but […]

Jigsaw Hemel-Hempstead’s Summer Holiday Camp 2024!

Make friends and discover new interests in a nurturing and creative environment – Jigsaw Hemel-Hempstead‘s Summer Holiday camp is back with another week of theatrical fun! Create a show in a week! 29th July – 2nd August 2024 at The Adeyfield Academy We are thrilled to announce that bookings for the Jigsaw Hemel-Hempstead Summer Holiday […]

When Jigsaw Harrow met Mrs Doubtfire at the Theatre!

Jigsaw Harrow kicked off 2024 with an exciting theatre trip to see the new musical Mrs Doubtfire at the Shaftesbury Theatre in London’s West End! It may have been pouring with rain, but it didn’t dampen our spirits, as we set off together on the tube into London, which was still looking beautiful covered in […]

Jigsaw Chelmsford Performing Arts teacher Lisa is an author!

Jigsaw Chelmsford Performing Arts teacher Lisa has become an author for the very first time and we asked her how the experience has been so far! What did you do before the book? (Work wise) My first job was working at a nursery with 3 – 4 year olds back in 2000. By then I […]

Jigsaw Stevenage is a place to belong!

Franchisee Shannen became the owner and manager of Jigsaw Performing Arts School Stevenage in January 2021. Welcoming students from ages 3 – 18 to come and find their ‘Place To Belong’. https://www.instagram.com/reel/CxGonCcMHmH/ The initial goal behind opening the school was to pass on the joy of the performing arts, every student can benefit in some […]

Ealing performing arts students answer questions about their time at Jigsaw!

Jigsaw Ealing Performing Arts School Owner and Manager Dani spoke to her students on the weekend about their time Jigsaw Arts! Jessica – Group 3 (Ages 12 – 18 years) Dani: When did you join Jigsaw Ealing? Jessica: I joined Jigsaw Ealing when I was about five or six and I think my mum enrolled […]