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Bringing stories to life in Cardiff and Penarth

Philippa joined the Jigsaw franchise family in 2018 and was the first to open a Jigsaw School outside of England. Now running three thriving Jigsaw Performing Arts Schools in Cardiff, Cardiff West and Penarth!

Bringing stories to life in Cardiff and Penarth…

My love of drama started when I was 3 years old. I was in a show made up entirely of children, and that was about the history of Britain. It touched on the war’s, and I remember a bit about the Berlin Wall. I clearly recall saying to my mum straight after, that I knew what I wanted to do when I grew up! I couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to do anything else with their life other than work in theatre! Little did I know, that show had sparked two great loves of mine. Theatre and history.

Indeed I went on to get a degree in History and Philosophy which served to intensified my love of Theatre as the perfect medium to tell a story. And ultimately, that’s what drama is all about. History – the story of the past. And Philosophy – the fashions in thinking. As an actor, you need to understand both the context of the character form a historical and philosophical point of view. Ultimately, drama is to understand, to emphasise and to contextualise. This is why I think it is such an important tool for developing children. It’s also a world of magic where your imagination can run wild! What could be more fun?!

Get in touch with Philippa to learn more about our performing arts classes at Jigsaw and to book your two week trial – 029 2236 2496