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Building Confidence Through the Performing Arts in Deptford Bridge

Building children’s confidence

I became a franchisee because I had always dreamt of opening my own performing arts school. I wanted to create a school that did not exist as I was growing up. A school that through the performing arts supported young people’s ambitions, drive, confidence and self-esteem. I have always felt that the performing arts is the key to young people’s happiness and I have seen the positive effect it has had on those who I teach and have grown up with.

I specifically wanted to open a franchise with Jigsaw, as their ethos as a company coincided with my own. I have always had the most positive experience of working within Jigsaw and the support has been amazing.

Drama, singing and dance in South East London

Setting up Jigsaw Deptford Bridge was the most nerve-wracking and exciting experience of my whole life to date. It was what I had wanted to do for a very long time, but I was completely aware of wanting it to be the very best school it could be. When the calls started coming in, my heart would be in my mouth and there was no better feeling than when a booking was made. Even now I have butterflies swirling around my stomach when a call comes through, and I feel very passionate when talking to a parent about the potential of their child attending Jigsaw Deptford Bridge.

My training at Jigsaw was fantastic. After those two weeks, I believed I could do it and it was the moment I knew I had made the right decision; there wasn’t anything we didn’t know at the end of those two weeks. The atmosphere in training and through until now is very professional but relaxed, and I have never felt that my questions are too trivial. Our questions have always been answered in a sincere and understanding manner – which has helped build my confidence enormously. Your experience always feels valued and respected which is very important in the beginning process. You will not have every answer, but management and the team at Jigsaw are always ready to support you through this process.

The first day at Jigsaw Deptford Bridge was amazing! It was probably the busiest day of my life and I left the school with a smile that did not leave my face for days! Meeting all the children for the first time was incredible. By this time, I’d spoken to each of their parents once or twice, so it was wonderful to see them standing in front of me, raring to go. I flew around the school that day with so much eagerness and nerves, hoping every single child was having a great time and that everything we had planned was in place and working. The energy was wonderful and my teacherswere just as excited as I was – they gave it one thousand percent! The children sang, danced and acted their morning away with such excitement and confidence; it had all come together, and at the end of the day we handed out stickers to every single student and they were so happy, which was sensational.

Two terms later

It is now the second term and the numbers have doubled in both the Little Ones and Main School which feels fantastic. The school is really starting to come into its own and we are working hard to maintain the vision I have set out. Last weekend was the Little Ones (3-6) presentation which was truly exciting as they’d all been working so hard. Each week you can see their progression and confidence shining through, which always makes me cry happy tears. The Main School (7+) have stepped it up this term. They have been able to drive each other to make the very best of their skill sets. They have learnt how to work in bigger groups and adapt to their environment. Moreover, this weekend it will be the Main School Presentation. I cannot wait to see all their hard-work come together and for this to be another amazing and positive experience for them.

Shows and performance opportunities for children

In the future, I would love to expand the school to full capacity. I want to create some amazing shows and presentations within the school. I also would like to offer our students the opportunity to have performance experiences outside of the weekend School. Performing within local events, concerts and even competitions. I want Jigsaw Deptford Bridge to be a school that goes down in the history books and a place that the students will never forget.

Find out more

For more of an insight into Deptford Bridge, take a look at last year’s article published shortly after the launch: Spotlight on Jigsaw Deptford Bridge. To book a two week trial in our weekend performing arts school for children in Deptford Bridge, call 020 8003 3275, or email deptfordbridge@jigsaw-arts.co.uk.

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