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Jigsaw is building confidence in children and teenagers through the performing arts.


The classes offered at Jigsaw Performing Arts Schools offer a wide array of benefits for both children and teenagers. Beyond the opportunities to develop performance skills and learn from industry specialists, Jigsaw provides the perfect environment for building confidence, self-awareness and social skills.

Whilst many of our students are keen on exploring what performing arts have to offer in terms of a potential future career, we have a large number of students who attend Jigsaw in order to enjoy active and engaging classes. Classes are tailored to each individual taking part, and our teachers are sensitive to the needs of their students.

Whether they have some experience or have never tried the performing arts before, everyone is welcome at Jigsaw. This ethos reflected in our motto:

“A place to belong”

From improvisation and choreographed dance to drama games and script-work, Jigsaw Performing Arts Schools have an engaging and varied schedule. This ensures that all students who take part have an exciting, enjoyable experience. Read more about dance, drama and singing classes at Jigsaw.

We hear from many parents that Jigsaw classes have improved their child’s confidence and given their shy or more introverted child the opportunity to shine. With increasing stress placed on children at school from exams and coursework, it’s important that children have these spaces in which they can express themselves and build their confidence.

If term-time schools are not convenient, Jigsaw also offers an exciting range of holiday workshops, an affordable way to keep children and teenagers occupied during the school holidays. Use the form below to find a Jigsaw school near you.

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