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Cardiff Summer Camp – Jigsaw Arts 2024

Join Jigsaw Cardiff at the 2024 Summer Camp taking place during the school holidays!

This year, Jigsaw Cardiff Summer Camp is taking place 29th July – 2nd August!

Unlike lots of the other summer camps, Jigsaw Cardiff‘s version was conceptualised during the summer of 2021, otherwise known as the covid pandemic. The children had spent a year being on and off at school and we had only been able to run Jigsaw for 2 of our usual 3 terms.

The rules were a little different in Wales in that children (under 12) were allowed more mixing freedoms than in England. This meant that we could get a couple more students per class than our England counterparts. We were still however making every attempt to ensure social distancing and plenty of ventilation. When I think back to that time, I can’t quite believe the level of planning that was needed on a purely logistical basis. This was before we even got to the fun part of choosing the songs, dances and best of all, theme.

So what does Jigsaw Summer School Cardiff look like?

Well it takes place in a big house that forms part of Howells School, Llandaff.
The children are split into groups of 14 (with children grouped in ages.) These groups are normally given a team name which may be an animal for example.

The then have 4 – 5 lessons a day. Each day will have at least one session of drama, singing and dance, then they may have project (maybe arts and crafts), or map making, or boom wackers.

The house has a lovely, enclosed garden, so we try and spend as much time outdoors as possible. This is where the parents are invited (on the final day) to see a little of what the children have been working on.

Our past themes include carnival, adventure, magic and desert island. Friday is always party day on summer school week! The children are encouraged to wear bright clothing and we get to celebrate an amazing week of music and memories.

We always sell out, so get in touch asap if you wish to secure your child’s place for summer camp 2024!

Email Cardiff@jigsaw-arts.co.uk or call us on 02922 362 496 to learn more and book your place.