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Christmas Presents for Children who Love Performing

ideas for Christmas presents for children who love to perform

Holiday shopping is in full swing, but what to get for those children whose main interests are acting, singing and dancing? It can be hard to connect these interests with Christmas presents that the recipients will actually appreciate and enjoy. Hopefully our guide will help!


Christmas presents for children who love to perform
Theatre tokens

Theatre tokens have no expiry date and can be used at a range of venues across the country. There’s something for everyone – we believe you’re never too young to enjoy a trip to the theatre.

The best part about theatre tokens actually comes after the gift is given. You can involve the child or children who receive them in researching shows near you and deciding what to spend them on to see.


Acting out board games

Charades is a great game for those who like to act out, and there’s nothing like a board game to bring everyone together with family fun. What’s more, this version for kids includes picture cards, meaning even non-readers can take part.

Then The Story Telling Game will engage their creative skills, getting them to incorporate a word into a continuation of an ongoing story. Similarly, Hasbro’s Cranium Junior incorporates a variety of challenges into moving around the board, including performing.


Sing-A-Long Musicals on DVD/BluRay

From classics like The Sound of Music to recent hits like The Greatest Showman, there are plenty of DVDs and BluRays of musicals that bring the experience of singalong screenings to your home.

Make sure to buy the Sing-Along edition or, if in a pinch, you can turn on the standard subtitles when those big musical numbers arrive and flick them off again for the dialogue scenes.

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out our list of our favourite musicals from our 20th Anniversary celebrations. And, if you want to go the extra mile, pick up the relevant song book too, so they can have the lyrics and notes in front of them.


Plays on film

For older or more literary-minded children, there are a wealth of filmed plays you can watch and discuss together. These have certain advantages over going to theatre – it’s much easier to pause to take a loo break!

Studying plays at school often misses the crucial fact that they are written to be performed (and enjoyed). A great production can transform tricky language on the page, even Shakespeare, making plays more accessible and fun. Good starting points are The RSC, The Globe, or the streaming service Digital Theatre.

There are also plenty of movie adaptations of plays that preserve the original language. However sometimes these use the use the opportunity to be more graphic, so be sure to check any parental guidance before buying.

Alternatively, there are entirely contemporary adaptations, including a whole run of teen movies taking inspiration from the Bard. (10 Things I Hate About You is The Taming of the ShrewShe’s the Man is Twelfth NightWarm Bodies is a zombie-themed spin on Romeo & Juliet.)

These could be a great entry point for growing their appreciation of the theatre, helping your child discover how people retell and reinvent stories for new generations.


Jigsaw classes

We couldn’t help ourselves – with booking now open for Spring term and more schools than ever before, a two-week trial of dance, singing and drama classes at Jigsaw is a perfect Christmas present for your child who loves performing!

You can find your nearest Jigsaw school by entering your postcode into the search on our home page