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Develop lifelong social skills and confidence with Melissa!


Melissa Coleman is a trained actress, who specialises in musical theatre and pantomime, having worked extensively in the industry at home in the UK and abroad. As the new manager of Jigsaw Arts Enfield, Melissa says “Jigsaw is a safe space for children to come and express themselves freely without any judgement. Having attended performing arts classes as a child myself, I strongly believe in the importance of these classes in building confidence and helping children grow not only as performers but as people. Performing arts has so many benefits for children, and children don’t necessarily need to have an affinity for all 3 subjects to reap these benefits. Within the classes, children will develop lifelong social skills, build their confidence and also make lots of friends along the way! All the skills children learn within our classes are transferable to everyday life. I can’t say it enough, these lessons really are invaluable.

I hope to inspire confidence in every student to be themselves, and to believe in their abilities enough to allow them to know if they put their mind to anything they want to do, they really can achieve it. I have taught children from the 3-4 years classes all the way through to our three hour programme for 7 – 18 years old students and I have seen them grow so much. From barely being able to say what they ate for breakfast that morning to standing up and offering to sing solo lines in class. This really is what our teachers and us managers live for. It gives us all at Jigsaw Enfield a real sense of pride, knowing that children are happy and comfortable in our classes. As the new manager of Enfield, I hope to create a sense of community within the school and inspire my teachers to provide engaging and fun lessons that children are excited to come to each week. I want all my students to know, we are a family and that Jigsaw Enfield is a place to be who you want to be and most of all, be happy.”

Jigsaw Arts Enfield is an established school and has been running since 1999.  Jigsaw is a performing arts school that uses singing, dance and drama to inspire and help children grow in confidence. Jigsaw Arts prides itself on its ethos that it is a place to belong.

Classes take place in Enfield County Lower School on Saturday mornings. Our Autumn term runs from 25th September until 4th December. If you want to give it a go, book in for a two week trial now, available for all new students. Contact Melissa by emailing enfield@jigsaw-arts.co.uk  or 02081080464