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Ealing performing arts students answer questions about their time at Jigsaw!

Jigsaw Ealing Performing Arts School Owner and Manager Dani spoke to her students on the weekend about their time Jigsaw Arts!


Jessica – Group 3 (Ages 12 – 18 years)

Dani: When did you join Jigsaw Ealing?

Jessica: I joined Jigsaw Ealing when I was about five or six and I think my mum enrolled me because I lacked confidence before, but over the years it’s grown a lot. 

Dani: Oh bless you. And what is the best thing about Jigsaw?

Jessica: The best thing about Jigsaw is that you can grow a community. It sort of feels like a second family the longer you’re here because you build connections with all these people and also with your teachers. It’s just so nice because they get to watch you grow and see you grow in confidence as well.

Dani: What do you think of your teachers? Mark, your singing teacher, Dede, Dede’s quite new, Romy’s quite new.

Jessica: Yeah, I love them all. Well, Mark, not to favourite, but I do like Mark more. He’s been here for much longer and he’s just always there to encourage people to push themselves.

Dani: And what would you say to someone who was thinking of signing up to Jigsaw Ealing performing arts classes if they’re three or if they’re ten or if they’re twelve what would you say? 

Jessica: Do it! And if you’re a parent trying to get your child to join, just do it because it really is like… You’ve got your friends at school, but you’re also making other friends here. You get to have friends from different places, and your confidence really does grow! Yeah so, if you want to join, just do it!


Ava – Group 2 (Ages 9 – 11 years)

Dani: When did you join Jigsaw Ealing and why?

Ava: I joined when I was 3 years old in 2018. My mum enrolled me because I was very active and liked singing and dancing. I was very bored on the weekends before Jigsaw!

Dani: Ava, ever since you were little you’ve always been so bright, chatty and always like “I’m ready to perform, I’m ready, ready” always. Since you were little, little, it’s crazy!

Dani: What is the best thing about Jigsaw? 

Ava: The best thing about Jigsaw is probably getting to meet new friends and also building up your confidence as you go along. 

Dani: Nice, I like it. Do you have a favourite show that you’ve performed in? 

Ava: Yes, so my favourite show was definitely Finding Netherland. I was one of the Lost Boys, I think I was Teddy!

Dani: And what do you think of your teachers? 

Ava: I think they’re really nice. Very encouraging, and they are always very supportive. If there’s someone new and they’re not too sure, the teachers will always encourage them and help boost their confidence. 

Dani: Have you got a favourite teacher? 

Ava: Yeah, my favourite teacher is probably Mark. 

Dani: Oh, Mark is getting all the love! What would you say to someone who was thinking of signing up to Jigsaw? 

Ava: I would say go for it. Even if you’re little, you’re not sure about it, everyone will help you along your journey. 

Dani: Oh, thank you Ava.


Bliss – Group 1 (Ages 7 – 8 years)

Dani: When did you join Jigsaw and why? 

Bliss: I joined Jigsaw when I was three because I loved dancing and singing, and my mum thought I would enjoy it!

Dani: What do you enjoy most at Jigsaw?

Bliss: Hanging out with my new friends!

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