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Epsom Performing Arts students aged 7 tell us all about their time at Jigsaw Arts!

Meet Jigsaw Epsom performing arts students – Grace (left) , Evie (middle) and Rupert (right).

When and why did you join Jigsaw Epsom Performing Arts Schools?

Grace: I joined Jigsaw Epsom Performing Arts Schools on the first day that it opened because my school teachers could see how much I loved performing arts and recommended it. I’ve been coming every weekend since and I really enjoy myself as I get to do what I’m good at – singing!

Evie: I joined six weeks ago, because my mum had heard about Jigsaw performing arts schools and thought it would be good for me to become more confident. I like coming because I love having this fun new hobby! 

Rupert: I joined Jigsaw when I had just turned three and my mum signed me up because her friend told her that it was helping her son who was really shy at the time. I was never a shy toddler, but I did love singing and dancing, so Jigsaw was perfect for me! I moved to the Epsom school when it opened and enjoy making new friends here!

What is your favourite thing about coming to Jigsaw?

Grace: Coming to dance, sing and do drama, but also to see my friends. When I come to Jigsaw Epsom, I get to work on my voice and have fun with the friends I’ve made here. I look forward to coming and seeing them every week. I’m also looking forward to the presentation, where my family can come and see a bit of what we’ve been doing in our classes.

Evie: I like singing, the teachers and I love dancing too! We get to play games and learn new songs which I’m really enjoying as I like the songs that we do. The dance teacher helps you out when you’re learning a new move and the singing teacher works with you to make sure your part is just right, so you get lots of personal support. I’ve made new friends as well and I like it when we catch up in the break, talking about what’s happened to us in the week. 

Rupert: I love singing and I just think it’s really nice, doing the fun warm-up exercises and learning new songs. I like that we do songs from musicals and movies; some that I’ve seen and some that I’ve not seen yet. All the teachers and students here are so lovely that I really do think it’s a place to belong! I like doing shows and even the presentations are nice because your family comes to see you in action, take lots of pictures and tell you how proud they are of you and that’s a nice feeling!

Which skills would you say you’ve developed since joining Jigsaw?

Grace: I think I’ve gotten better at drama, but also dance, which I wasn’t that good at but now I’m actually quite good at dancing. I also love singing; it’s one of my hobbies. I do it every day and everywhere. If I can’t sing in class at school, then I just hum in class, because I just love singing so much! I’ve also done a solo at the Royal Albert Hall for Jack Pepper, who came to our school to see a play, saw how good I was and invited me to perform a solo at the Royal Albert Hall! I like that I get to keep getting better in these areas when I come to Jigsaw.

Evie: I feel much more confident now than when I first arrived and I’m happier to sing a solo these days; that’s something that I used to be scared of doing. I think because the teachers at Jigsaw are positive and encouraging, I’m happy to try out new things and feel good when I’ve gotten the hang of it.

Rupert: I think that I’ve developed in singing, dancing and drama – I can’t choose just one! I’d say I’m always working on my performing arts skills at Jigsaw and I feel like I’m getting better every week. Ok, if I had to choose one area, maybe dance then; I used to be really bad at balancing when doing dance moves, but I’m able to control my legs better now so I can hold a position!

What would you say to someone who’s thinking of joining?

Grace: Well, I actually have told someone who might be joining now! I’ve told them that it’s really fun, it’s 10 till 1 on Saturdays, you get to do singing, dance and drama… I just love coming every Saturday! I love it and I’m recommending it to people already!

Evie: I would try to help them join, especially if they were shy and didn’t know anyone. My confidence has grown a lot so I’d tell them Jigsaw could do the same for them if they joined!

Rupert: I would say “yeah, it’s pretty nice…!” I’m joking, I would tell them that I’ve been going for five years now and I can’t see myself stopping. When I was younger, I’d wake up every morning and say “is it Jigsaw today?” Saturdays were my favourite day; they still are, actually. I think if you’re shy, Jigsaw can help you to be more confident but if you’re already confident, it can also help you to improve your dancing, singing and drama skills. The teachers make the classes fun with games so we laugh a lot at Jigsaw and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like to laugh!

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