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“An Exciting Whirlwind of a Journey” with Jigsaw Harlow!

whirlwind of a journey with Jigsaw Harlow franchise

This blog post is written by Rachel, franchisee of Jigsaw Harlow

After moving away from a career as an actress in the performing arts industry, I struggled for a long time to find something that brought me as much joy as being on stage did. I first began teaching alongside bar jobs and then office work, and my weekdays became monotonous and exhausting. People used to ask me why I liked working at the weekend so much more and I soon realised that working for Jigsaw was the only part of my working week that brought me any joy.

So I began to strive for the most natural next step, purchasing a franchise.

Andy and Nikki could not have been more supportive and from an initial conversation to signing on the dotted line a year or so later, never did I once feel pressured to make the purchase. For a while I struggled to decide which territory I wanted to buy and they were keen to ensure I made the right decision before me, even if it meant things took a little more time, so nothing ever felt rushed.

I eventually decided on Harlow and so began an exciting whirlwind of a journey to open up my school. The week long training programme franchisees receive is second to none and contains a wealth of knowledge from colleagues who really have seen and experienced all you can from a performing arts school business. It is easy after that week to feel a little overwhelmed at the prospect of opening just a few months later. However the Head Office team truly follow through on their promise and since that week, their constant support through any anxieties, issues or worries has been there 24/7, including the launch day of the school.

It is important to say that as well as the anxieties, the Jigsaw team in its entirety are also there to share in the joys of starting this business. Whether it’s your very first booking or a fantastic first end of term presentation, they really do feel as excited and happy as you.

Purchasing a franchise with Jigsaw Arts has changed and turned my life around from an overload of work and overtime to owning a business that I can run in my own time, that is as equally brilliantly challenging as it is rewarding. Whether you have a performing arts background, or you desire a change of lifestyle, I can not recommend their services enough. Jigsaw truly is a family.

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Meet Rachel, the Manager and Franchisee of Jigsaw Harlow

If you want to open your very own Jigsaw Performing Arts School, or it has been a lifelong dream to offer engaging performing arts classes for children, read more about our franchise package or email franchise@jigsaw-arts.co.uk for more information.