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Franchise Success!

Michael franchise success


We talk with Michael, Jigsaw’s first franchisee, about his franchise success. 

Franchise Success Case Study

How did you hear about Jigsaw Performing Arts?

I worked for Jigsaw as a drama teacher in 2006 when I was still at drama school. I think it was an advert in The Stage!

What attracted you to a Jigsaw Franchise?

The opportunity to run my own business was too good to pass up. I have all the positives of running my own business but with the support network and existing good name of Jigsaw.

When did you launch?  How is it going?

We launched in January 2014 and things are going really well. The school is growing term on term and the students we have are brilliant!

What does a normal week look like?

Sunday is my main day as I manage the school and make sure all parents and students receive first class customer service and classes are run to a high standard. During the week I have the freedom to fit the admin around my life.

Did you have performing arts experience?

I trained as an actor and director so the creative side of Jigsaw was never a worry.

Have you run your own business before?

I have been running my own part-time business for the past five years. The beauty of the Jigsaw software system is that the office work that I need to do for my school can fit easily around my other office admin – so to be honest I’ve noticed a very small difference to the week work load! But am definitely seeing the long term benefits of having my own Jigsaw school!

How did you finance your franchise?

The opportunity to open a franchise coincided with us moving house so I was fortunate to be able to see that I could afford it – and in a couple of years time I’ll be able to afford a new bathroom on the house rather than straight away!

What is the best thing about running a Jigsaw Franchise?

The freedom to work my own hours in the week and the fantastic support I get from head office.  I don’t feel like I’m on my own!

What is the most challenging thing about running your own business?

It’s hard to feel that you’ve ever done enough when it comes to marketing, building the school’s profile, etc. So until the students walk in to the school on the first day of term – it is a bit nail-biting!

What are the main benefits of being part of a franchise network?

Jigsaw has a very strong word of mouth following which has been highly beneficial to my franchise. Many customers were delighted to find a new local branch. The strength of the existing brand was worth every penny.  I would never have been able to achieve this on my own.

If you want to open your very own Jigsaw Performing Arts School, or it has been a lifelong dream to offer engaging performing arts classes for children, read more about our franchise opportunities or email franchise@jigsaw-arts.co.uk for more information.