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Philippa shares her thoughts on franchising with Jigsaw Arts!

“For me, franchising with Jigsaw has been the most amazing journey. Like all journeys, its had it’s ups and downs with unexpected lockdowns and social to name one! However, the good times FAR outweigh the bad. I now have the most amazing and ever evolving team, three wonderful schools and hundreds of smiling children on a Saturday.

I wouldn’t say that running your own business is for everyone, but franchising with Jigsaw gives you a massive head start. Despite being the only Jigsaw in Wales, and the first franchise to open outside London’s surrounding counties, I have always felt supported.

Nikki and the head office team make you feel like your voice will be heard and considered. You’re never alone when times are tough.

Unlike most of the other franchisees, I had no experience of working with Jigsaw before buying my first territory. Despite this, I now have lots of friends in the network and have felt welcomed from the start. Jigsaw is now my work, passion and extended family.

As a parent myself, I know how difficult and impossible having children can feel. You are constantly busy, being pulled in multiple directions and end up feeling like you have accomplished nothing! I love the fact that Jigsaw gives parents a window of ‘me time’ on a Saturday. The other plus is that having loads of lovely children together being creative is much easier than looking after your own. 5 years in, I have Jigsaw kids that started on my very first day and are now flourishing in our main school for children aged 7 – 18. It’s an absolute joy watching them grow up, making shows and presentations very proud moments!” – Philippa

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