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Freddie Celebrates 15 Years at Jigsaw Ilford!

Our wonderful Freddie celebrates completing 15 years as a student at Jigsaw Ilford!



Freddie and his 15 year certificate award.


Megan, franchisee and manager of Jigsaw Ilford asked Freddie to tell us about his experience…


“I didn’t really have any plans to start performing arts classes at first. I was more concerned about enjoying myself as all children do. However, I soon came to love the energy of Jigsaw and, as I got older, decided that I would stay at Jigsaw for as long as possible, including working there!


I loved every moment as a student and knew that I could provide the same joy and excitement to other students, given the opportunity to become a staff member and I was provided with that opportunity. Whilst it is slightly different from being a student, I find that I still have just as much fun as I did before working as a staff member.


Being at Jigsaw for as long as I have feels like I’ve lived a hundred different lives. Starting out as a hyperactive 3 year old who was always getting into trouble for running around and being a bit too loud, I saw Jigsaw as a place that allowed me to enjoy myself to the fullest without judgement.


Then a few years into main school, I started to calm down, as suddenly, there were people who were younger than me who seemed to look up to me! Yet, I never lost the sense that I could have fun and enjoy myself. I learned to not just focus on myself, and try to put others first.


Attending classes at Jigsaw has been one of the best experiences of my life. The way it has helped me with my self confidence is astounding. There were many times in my life where I felt like, without Jigsaw, I would be too afraid to even stand and talk in front of a small group of people.


Jigsaw nurtured the skills that allowed me to stand on stage and perform in front of audiences. Jigsaw was also a great outlet for my energy when I was younger. It helped me learn how to channel my excess amounts of energy and use that energy to create amazing performances, which I have participated in many of!


I do plan on working at Jigsaw for a while but I do hope to one day become a professional actor. However, for the time being, I hope to teach at Jigsaw for as long as I can and even when it is time for me to finally say goodbye, I will always have a place in my heart for Jigsaw as I do not think I’d be planning on being an actor without the help of the teachers and managers from Jigsaw. The way I’ve been nurtured to want to achieve my goals will always be something only Jigsaw has given me and I am forever thankful for that.”


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