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Introducing Jigsaw Epsom Franchisee Christabel

Introducing Jigsaw Epsom Franchisee Christabel

Jigsaw Franchisee Christabel has recently completed franchise training and is set to open Jigsaw Performing Arts School Epsom on Saturday 13th January 2024!

Why do you want to open a Jigsaw School?

I’ve been a Jigsaw parent for the last four years and over this time, I’ve marvelled at what it’s done for my son. It’s instilled him with so much confidence and passion that he has positively blossomed over the years. He has gone from a boisterous toddler to a more focused child who now has an outlet for all that little boy energy! He is currently excelling in all areas – he ran for (and was elected into) the school council as a student rep, joined a choir, performs regularly at talent shows when we’re on holiday, choreographs dance routines for his friends to follow and he is absolutely bursting with the kind of poise and self-assurance that I would never have dreamt of even having as a seven-year-old! Seeing the impact that Jigsaw has had on my son inspired me to open up my own Jigsaw school and consequently, provide the same remarkable opportunities to children within the Epsom area.

What are you most excited about?

I’m already extremely enthusiastic about opening up a new school and welcoming all our lovely new students, once we run our first session on Saturday 13th January 2024. However, if I had to state what excites me the most, it would be the notion of having the privilege to be present, witnessing the Epsom students develop over time, growing in confidence, developing their skills in the performing arts and ultimately preparing for and participating in shows and presentations. As a teacher/lecturer, I have always felt a sense of pride in observing my students’ achievements, therefore, I am particularly thrilled to have the chance to do something which enhances the lives of all the children who come to Jigsaw Epsom.

What are the three main goals you have for your school?

  • To build on the Jigsaw mission statement of providing a place to belong
  • To develop performance skills, promote self-expression and build confidence for all who attend Jigsaw Epsom
  • To ensure that everyone has fun and is treated with dignity and respect, making it a fantastic place to work and train at

To learn more about the performing arts classes at Jigsaw Epsom, click here. Get in touch with Christabel to book your two-week trial by emailing Epsom@jigsaw-arts.co.uk or call 02038118636!