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Jigsaw Arts Franchise, A Rewarding Business Inspiring Future Generations.

Our Jigsaw founder, Nicola Lander, shares her story:


I started like you, with a passion for performing arts, a belief in the benefits and a desire to pass it on to as many young people as possible. I love seeing that once shy child progress in confidence and take on a big role in the end of term performance. Nobody believes me now, but I was once that shy child! I love hearing from past students and seeing how their performing arts skills have helped prepare them for life’s challenges whether they work in the industry or elsewhere. I really believe in the benefits of what we provide to young people. Some of those students have become assistants, teachers, managers and Jigsaw Arts franchise owners. That is the ultimate goal and is what contributes to creating ‘A Place to Belong’ with our students franchisees.


I ran up to 22 schools from head office for 18 years so have hands on experience in all aspects of the business. I also know all the small details and challenges of running a performing arts school. It is rare to find a situation that I haven’t dealt with before.


In 2013, I felt I couldn’t run anymore schools and deliver the same level of high quality and personal service to all the parents and students. I’m good at remembering names but it had stretched beyond what I was comfortable with. If I was going to reach more families, I needed some like-minded people with the same passion as myself, creative but organised and dedicated, to expand the Jigsaw schools. Over the years one of my favourite roles within my business is bringing in new talent and training them up to work at the school or in head office. So the thought of training up franchisees and giving them the tools to succeed really appealed to me. Watching a new franchisee blossom into a successful business owner mirrored that same feeling of joy when I watched children grow in confidence at the schools.


Creating a place to belong for our students is really important to us. Children come to Jigsaw for many reasons, some to build confidence, some just for fun and to make friends and some with ambitions to work in the performing arts industry. We welcome all and recognise they can all bring something to the school.


We recognise that our franchisees come to us with different strengths and weaknesses too and we are here to nurture you to become your best self in running your thriving business. We are here to give you the training to get your Jigsaw Arts Franchise business setup and running with profit as quickly as possible. Providing mentoring along the way to fill in the gaps and turn you into an independent, strong, confident performing arts school business owner.


It is lots of hard work in the beginning and takes up a lot of your brain but the long-term benefits are fantastic. A part-time business that can provide you with a full-time wage that fits around you and your other life commitments.



Nicola with Jigsaw Arts franchisees at our AGM in 2021.


A rewarding business that inspires our future generations. 


Want to see if you fit in the Jigsaw family? Let’s find out if this is your place to belong.


If you would like to learn more, please contact franchise@jigsaw-arts.co.uk.

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