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The Many Paths Jigsaw Arts Can Take You On

Where Will Your Path Take You?


We are proud to promote our ethos of ‘A Place To Belong’ and strongly believe in the importance of creating an environment where our students feel free to express who they are and confident enough to explore what they want to become. While some join Jigsaw Arts to venture into the world of performing arts, others do so to gain confidence, build social skills, have fun, and make new friends. There are endless directions on the walk of life, and exploring the path that fits your rhythm may lead you to the place where you belong. 


To The Stage!

Over the last 27 years at Jigsaw Arts, there have been countless success stories from our fantastic Jigsaw network across the UK. Some of the recent shows our students have appeared in include School of Rock, Matilda, The Tragedy of Macbeth, Les Miserables, The Lion King.


 Inspiring Others 

In the classes at Jigsaw Arts, our students take part in different exercises and activities that help build confidence. From improvisation and choreographed dance to drama games and script-work, every practice contributes to a list of lifelong skills. The skills can be used to inspire others when speaking publicly at school or in the workplace, pitching an idea to a group, or even when auditioning for a role.


On Our Agency

Our Agency Jigsaw Arts Management is a theatre, TV & film agency representing children and young people from Jigsaw Performing Arts Schools. The agency provides a link between the schools and the Arts industry, giving students the potential opportunity to audition for professional work. 


Friends For Life

Team-building exercises and working in pairs contribute to building friendships between the students at Jigsaw and this has been proven time and time again. In our ‘Memories and friendships to last a life time – two students look back!‘ blog post, Jigsaw student Elena shares that “the best thing at Jigsaw are the people around you. When you’re there, you become like a family. A massive piece of who I am today is credit to Jigsaw. You get a feeling that you’re in a safe place and every Saturday you are able to set aside everything and just be you for three hours.” Read the rest here.


A Part Of The Family

Our Jigsaw family grows each year, students stay with us and become teachers and franchisee’s, even though it is unlikely their goal when they first join! Jigsaw welcomes all and is a perfect place to begin work experience or start your own business, especially if you are passionate about performing arts and agree with our Jigsaw ethos. 

Franchisee Becky from Jigsaw Oxford explains that ‘Being part of the Jigsaw family was an amazing experience. It is because of them I realised just how much I loved working with young people and I am really grateful for that, it changed the direction my life took. Eventually I moved away from London, travelled the world and had some adventures and ended up settling down in lovely Oxford, but always missed being part of the Jigsaw family. So when the opportunity came to open my own school, I jumped at it.’ Read more Jigsaw journeys here – Anastasia, Imogen, Rachel, Abbie, Becky.



‘A part of the family’ Jigsaw Arts Franchisees together at the 2022 AGM.


No matter which path they choose to follow, everyone at Jigsaw contributes to completing one big puzzle. Each piece fits perfectly with the next but is a unique, important element. Our head office team, franchisees, teachers, students and parents all help to complete our perfect puzzle! 


Where will your path take you?