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Jigsaw Bushey Show Day 2023!

Jigsaw Performing Arts School Owner Katie shares her experience of the end of term show day at Jigsaw Bushey…

We spoke to Jigsaw Bushey Franchisee Katie to learn more about the day…

“Earlier this month, the 7+ year old students at Jigsaw Bushey performed ‘The Fallen Hero’ to an audience of friends and family for their end of term show. And it was a massive success! Myself and the team at Jigsaw Bushey are beyond proud of all of the students!

The great thing about the Bushey Academy, where we perform our end of term shows at Jigsaw Bushey, is that it has the most divine theatre. It’s gorgeous. With the lighting and atmosphere, it really does feel like a professional experience for the kids.

Offering the students this experience is so magical. Throughout the term they rehearse in a different space and they don’t actually see the theatre until the big day. It’s the biggest challenge and the most exciting part of it all. 

There’s a backstage room where we get everyone all warmed up. Making sure we’ve got our face gems and glitter to spray on! Once costumes are ready to go, we get straight onto the stage to rehearse and perform! And at that point, you know, the kids, especially if it’s their first time performing, and they see how big the audience will be, it does get really, really exciting.

We had a lovely technician called Anna who did our lighting and sound. And an interesting story about Anna, is that she started with us as a Jigsaw teaching assistant! She now works professionally in the industry doing mainly sound. So I got her on board to be our technician for the morning, and it was really lovely to see her again. 

When it comes to the show itself, it is so exciting. The hustle and bustle! The theatre was jam -packed, completely full. Backstage, we have three members of staff to support the students. We’ve got someone in the dressing room, one along the corridor getting the kids to and from the stage and then one person backstage. 

Our lovely dance teacher Kim has the students repeat lots of positive affirmations to each other every week, and we did this before the show. When we are preparing the students to perform, we believe in the importance of encouragement and empowerment!

The students perform their best when they are in this positive space. Scaring them with “if you don’t know your lines, you’re going to be on stage and you look silly” is not what we do!

Kim is really good at getting the kids together and empowering them by saying things like “you are amazing! Tell me, I am amazing!” and they proudly repeat it and say it to the person next to them etc. And this is so special.

The process of show day this year felt like such teamwork. Every group coming together with positivity, and for the kids to support each other on stage and know that they’ve got each other’s backs is invaluable. You know, the theatre world is all about coming together as a cast! 

I am really looking forward to next years show, bring on 2024!” – Katie, Jigsaw Bushey

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