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Jigsaw comes to Oxford!

Jigsaw Oxford

The beautiful and historic city of Oxford will soon be home to a brand new Jigsaw school! We took the chance to ask Becky, the manager and franchisee of Jigsaw Oxford, all about her Jigsaw journey…


Jigsaw Oxford
What sparked your interest in the Performing Arts?

Old musicals! I am mad on them. I grew up watching Rodgers and Hammerstein movies on repeat. I used to try and copy all of the songs and dances and eventually my mum sent me out to ballet just to get a bit of peace. I was quite shy when I was young but the stage was a place where I felt very comfortable and where I was able to express myself. I could be loud, funny, as silly as I like and it was brilliant.


What was it that drew you to Jigsaw?

I was a Jigsaw teacher back when I lived in London and was working as a performer. Being part of the Jigsaw family was an amazing experience. It is because of them I realised just how much I loved working with young people and I am really grateful for that, it changed the direction my life took. Eventually I moved away from London, travelled the world and had some adventures and ended up settling down in lovely Oxford, but always missed being part of the Jigsaw family. So when the opportunity came to open my own school I jumped at it.


Singing, Dancing or Drama? Which is your favourite?

This one is tough. I first trained in Musical Theatre and I absolutely love to dance, especially tap, and I still dance for fun. I ended up also going on to drama school and training and working as an actor. I truly love them both. Although you are more likely find me watching a play these days over a musical…


What will your Jigsaw school bring to the people of Oxford?

I think Jigsaw is brilliant! Jigsaw offers a place for young people to come and be themselves. That is so important for all of us! I wanted to create a place where no one is left out, and everyone has the chance to shine. That is really what Jigsaw is about and I am so proud to be part of that.


What do you hope to inspire in the young people who will attend your school?

To be confident in who they are. To know that it’s OK to be different – that’s what keeps things interesting. To be brave performers who take chances and create exciting work. To learn how amazing it feels to be part of an team and welcome others with open arms. To be proud of what we create at Jigsaw Oxford!

Classes for 3-18 year olds start on Saturday mornings at Oxford Academy on the 18th of January 2020. To enquire or to book your child’s place please contact Becky on 01865 564580 or email oxford@jigsaw-arts.co.ukVisit Jigsaw Oxford for more information.