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Jigsaw Epsom Classes Open January 2024!

In January 2024, Jigsaw Epsom is opening their doors! Offering singing, dance and drama classes to students aged 3 – 18. Having recently completed her Jigsaw Franchise training, we spoke to new Jigsaw Epsom franchisee Christabel about how it went:

What steps did you take to go from the franchise enquiry stage to embarking upon your training?

“I had enquired earlier in the year about the Jigsaw franchise and attended one of their Discovery Days where I found out more about how the business works. From there on, I visited another Jigsaw school in action and did some research before deciding on an area. Once this had been established and a start date of January 2024 was decided on, my training to become the owner of Jigsaw Epsom was scheduled for November 2023.”

What did you cover in your training and what were your favourite parts?

“There are so many different aspects of the business that I didn’t realise were part and parcel of the role. It was interesting learning about Jigbase (Jigsaw’s online management system) and trying it out for myself. I also enjoyed being taught how to run a school; the day-to-day details, as well as what goes on behind the scenes, such as marketing/social media campaigns. It was really nice being able to meet so many of the Head Office staff and current franchisees – everyone is so friendly; they were also great at providing advice and answering and queries that I had. I completed my training with Kalyn, the Wandsworth school manager, so it was good to be able to train alongside someone who is also starting out. We both received our first bookings within a day of one another too, which was amazing! The training finished with dinner and a trip to the theatre as well, which was such a nice way to finish the training, after all the long days, taking in copious amounts of information. It was also really quite apt, being a performing arts school, to be able to attend a performance together!”

How do you feel, now that the training part is over? Are you ready to open up your new school?

“It has been a long week for me, travelling from Epsom to head office in North London each day. Nonetheless, the training was extremely well-organised and in-depth, so I do feel that I’m now armed with all the information needed to go forth and open up my school, so yes, I would say that I am ready to begin the classes in January. I suppose now it’s all about applying the information learned, which is incredibly exciting, although I may not be saying this on my first day, when I’m nervous about getting everything right! I do know that I will have my Franchise Support Manager with me on the day though, which is reassuring. This is where you have backing as a franchisee; I know that I am not going to be left to my own devices and that there is an entire support network available for me to tap into, whenever I should need it.”

Jigsaw Epsom will be opening its doors January 2024! Offering singing, drama and dance classes to students aged 3 – 18. Get in touch to learn more to to book your two week trial – Epsom@jigsaw-arts.co.uk!