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Performing arts for children aged 6 months to 3 years

Jigsaw Jumpers is a positive step in your child’s development. Children from 6 months to 3 years will be taught in two groups: pre-walkers and walkers. Through the medium of drama, singing and dance, your child will begin their expressive journey and the 45-minute class will be taught by fully qualified and experienced pre-school teachers. Our teachers understand the individual needs of each child, and are always on hand to offer advice, encouragement and support. All members of staff are DBS checked.

However, Jigsaw Jumpers is more than just a 45-minute performing arts class for your child: Jigsaw Jumpers helps develop the parent-child relationship. Parents attend each session as well and are equally involved, exploring imagination with their child. This shared learning and enjoyable experience helps develop a special bond between parent and child, and this in turn assists with the development of confidence and creativity very early on in life.


At Jigsaw Jumpers, your child will be encouraged to develop expression through pre-speech communication using singing, gesture, emotion, repetition and copycat activities.

As children progress, their speech and language development becomes an essential focus. Class activities will then concentrate on storytelling, imaginative play, listening and observing.

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Through singing, your child can develop their social and interactive skills and Jigsaw Jumpers will encourage innate expression.

Singing and music go hand in hand and often children will make musical noises before speech. Children respond to different tunes and tones and we aim to develop these natural instincts into skills using melody, rhythm, sound-play, repetition and learning from example.

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Music makes your baby move and the physical movement of the body is essential to your child’s development.

Dancing is an enjoyable, creative, confidence building activity. Jigsaw Jumpers will refine co-ordination, motor skills, control and body awareness through fun routines, movements, songs and physical activities.


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