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Jigsaw Mitcham’s new assistant is former super-student Taryn!

The team at Jigsaw Mitcham have created a super strong community where students seem to want to grow up with Jigsaw for as long as possible! Our new Performing Arts Assistant Taryn is a Jigsaw Performing Arts School graduate who loved Jigsaw so much that applying for a job when she left was an obvious choice!

Meet Taryn, ex-student and now assistant teacher at Jigsaw Mitcham!

Taryn joined the 7-9 years group at Jigsaw Perofmring Arts School Mitcham when she was just 8 years old. The school had only just opened and Taryn grew so did the school!

Taryn (bottom right) Dance class in 2017.

Over the next eight years Taryn worked through the Group 1 (7-9’s), Group 2 (10-12’s) and Group 3 (13+) where she set an excellent example for younger students working hard to improve her performance and life skills each week. Taking leads in shows and growing in confidence term on term!

Our 3-4 and 5-6 year old performing arts classes at Jigsaw Mitcham are all full to capacity and we have a vital role of a Performing Arts Assistant. Their job it is to make sure the classes all run as smoothly as possible. Taryn has stepped into the role full of the Jigsaw confidence we would expect from such an experienced student.

Taryn’s role is key to helping new students settle in, encourage some shy students to get more involved and make sure if anyone needs a moment’s attention! She can provide that whilst the rest of the class is still being taught our sessions all run smoothly.

Since leaving Jigsaw as a student Taryn has attended our Jigsaw Staff Training, had a DBS check as all our staff do. She has been shadowing our brilliant performing arts teacher Sophie and learning from all her teaching experience. Whilst Taryn’s job is working in the class and making things run smoothly she has the training of class teachers so is learning on the job.

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