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Jigsaw Performing Arts Watford student Melisha shares her Journey!

What is your favourite memory from being at Jigsaw Performing Arts School Watford?

My favourite memory at Jigsaw Performing Arts School Watford would have to be all the way back in the 3-4 years class when I got my first one year certificate. I remember, I was so happy.

Do you have a favourite Jigsaw Show?

It is a tie between two shows. One of them was Alice in Wonderland because I was Tweedle Dee and my friend was Tweedle Da, so we had fun clowning around together. And my other favourite show The Wizard of Oz because we got to choose what character we wanted to be and so there were like eight Dorothy’s!

Can you name your favourite thing about Jigsaw?

It would be impossible to choose a favourite thing about Jigsaw! So I’m just going to say I love everything. And my favourite singing lesson was when we made these funny raps about teachers!

Another reason why Jigsaw means so much to me… When I moved away from Watford I couldn’t bear the thought of leaving Jigsaw so now I travel 40 to 45 minutes on Saturday mornings to get here.

What would you like to do when you are older?

When I’m older, I’d like to be a planetary scientist. They study space and planets. I’m obsessed with space so I thought that would be the right job for me. Jigsaw has given me the tools and confidence to help me. If I need to make any important speeches or if Brian Cox invites me for an astronomy documentary, the skills that I learnt at Jigsaw would come in so handy. Jigsaw basically helps with any kind of job that you want to do. Whatever job you choose, Jigsaw prepares you for anything!

Melisha at three years old and now with Jigsaw Performing Arts School Owner Katie!

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